2D Metroid Dread Cancelled

metroidThere’s a bit of a stir in the Metroid fan world today. According to 1Up.com, Metroid Dread, a 2D title for the Nintendo DS, was canceled today. On the surface, this is news that would bother me quite a bit, but as Matt at pressthebuttons.com mentions, this title may not have ever exisited. Dread was only hinted at on a pre-E3 game list — nothing more was mentioned later.

I have mixed feeling as to if a 2D Metroid should come to the DS. On one one hand, I want Nintendo to keep supporting the GBA as a popular platform instead of killing it off. On the other had, as with the Castlevania series, a Metroid title benefits greatly from the ability to keep a constant eye on the map via the 2nd screen. I would also like to imagine the graphical possibilites of a 2D Metroid on the more powerful DS.

Update: Maybe it isn’t cancelled


MHFiver says:

Do I have good news for you, my boy…

racketboy says:

Lol — thanks! I totally forgot I ever covered this — and had a follow-up!
Ah yes, the days of trying to do news coverage 🙂

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