10 Games That Actually NEED A Sequel

As just about every gamer has noticed, the gaming market has been flooded with sequel upon sequel (Tony Hawk, anyone?) — many of which aren’t a great improvement over the last increment. You can’t blame the publishers too much as they wouldn’t be putting them out if gamers weren’t buying them in droves.

But wouldn’t it be nice if publishers would release sequels of games that have had one lone installment, but are both treasured by fans and could greatly utilize newer hardware? I’ve taken joy in creating a list of ten games that I believe could greatly benefit from an upgraded sequel. (Also see my list of Franchises That Actually NEED A Resurection)

Nights into Dreams screenshotNights Into Dreams – Saturn
This title is an easy #1 pick for me. I cannot understand why a sequel was never produced for this high-flying platformer. It was one of the Saturn’s most successful titles (especially considering it was not a launch title) and popularized the “3D Controller“. It was developed by Sonic Team was a good enough game for fans to forgive Sega for not having a exclusive Sonic game on the Saturn. The hype surrounding a sequel would be huge as the many fans of the Sega classic have been waiting for such a game for about a decade.

Nights into Dreams had “long-term franchise” written all over it and fans have been begging for a sequel ever since. In the 32-bit era, Nights was a breathtaking game that had a 3D look and feel while remaining in a primarily 2D gameplay world.

While the Sonic titles never seemed the same after transitioning into 3D environments, Nights into Dreams would be not only fitting, but absolutely beautiful running on current or next-generation hardware. Nights took place in an imaginative world and today’s graphics processors could push those environments to their limits.

Update: The sequel for NiGHTS seems to be confirmed for the Nintendo Wii. Could this be what we all have been “Dreaming” of?

Full Review of Nights into Dreams

Beyond Good and Evil screenshotBeyond Good and Evil – PS2, Gamecube, XBox, PC
Possibly one the best games of 2004, Beyond Good and Evil featured a magical combination of action, animation, and storytelling that won it high regard among critics. The game represented high quality and production values when most other games on the market were either re-hashes of other successful games or just plain awful.

With all the unimaginitive plots in games today, a series like BG&E deserves to live on. Of course, it didn’t sell well in its first iteration, but much of the buzz about the game happened just a bit after stores started taking it off their shelves. Now that there is a healthier fan-base, a sequel might just flourish.

I started writing this piece about a week ago, but just recently there has been a rumor that UbiSoft is already developing a sequel for BG&E that will debut on the next-gen systems (XBox 360, PS3, and Revolution). Nothing has been confirmed by UbiSoft, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Full Review of Beyond Good and Evil

Guardian Heroes screenshotGuardian Heroes – Saturn
Developed by fan-favorite, Treasure, Guardian Heroes was late-blooming Saturn title that many people still haven’t discovered. Guardian Heroes is a beatemup with strong RPG elements. The game combined great 2D animation, a unique control scheme, and killer gameplay with the ability to level up and focus the skills that you choose.

While Guardian Heroes is one of my all-time favorite games, one of my biggest complaints is its jaggy graphics. While it was slick in its day with it’s scaling and zooming sprites, it shows its age a bit now. This could easily be remedied on today‚Äôs consoles with a Guilty Gear-like engine. (FYI: There was a Guardian Heroes game on the Gameboy Advance, but it was more of a watered-down port than a sequel — Treasure is capable of so much more).
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Kid Icarus screenshotKid Icarus – NES
The main character in this beloved NES classic was a small boy with wings named Pit, on a quest to rescue his goddess Palutena and free Angel Land from the grasp of Medusa. The game was based on the Metroid engine and contained both side and vertical scrolling action sequences. However, Metroid received more of a fan base than Kid Icarus and Metroid went on to be one of the most dominant Nintendo franchises while Kid Icarus was left aside.

The game did spawn a Game Boy pseudo-sequel entitled Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, but over the 20 years since the original NES release only the long-forgotten rumors of a Super Famicom/Super NES follow-up and a Revolution and/or DS rumor in 2005 showed any hit of a true follow-up.
Full Review of Kid Icarus

Comix Zone screenshotComix Zone – Genesis/Megadrive
This colorful beatemup was released near the end of the life of the Sega Genesis (and came in those cruddy cardboard boxes). Instead of featuring a character that simply walked down a city street and beat people up, Comix Zone had the game’s hero sucked into his own comic book creation and battle the villains within actual panels of comic book pages.

You can leap out of the page and back down into the next panel, perhaps even shortcut to the panels below. Add in the ability to rip loose chunks of the page itself to make deadly paper airplanes, or the power to punch an enemy through the ink boundaries of the panel and you have a fresh twist to the beatemup genre.

Comix Zone looked beautiful on the 16-bit Genesis, so I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be on even the PS2. Of course, this game would need to stay in 2D, but it could borrow heavily from Viewtiful Joe’s pseudo-2D movie world formula.
Full Review of Comix Zone

 Chrono Trigger screenshotChrono Trigger – SNES, Playstation
One of the best RPGs in the history of the world deserves a sequel — and I’m not talking about Chrono Cross (what some consider a spinoff at best). There have been numerous homebrew attempts at creating a sequel to Chrono Trigger and they have all been squashed by Square/Enix. (see here and here) While some may think that Chrono Cross is a fine sequel, this should show the developers that there is a large craving for this title.

Chrono Trigger is a top-of-the-line RPG that takes place across the entire fabric of time itself. The player is cast into a beautiful world and makes an attempt at electronic teleportation, which seemingly breaches the fabric of time, throwing a varied cast of beings into a complex effort to repair the threads of causality.

If you take a look at some of the newer PS2 RPGs like Dragon Quest VIII (or the overly-cinematic Final Fantasy series), you can imagine how a game like Chrono Trigger could translate into the next-gen console environment.
Full Review of Chrono Trigger

Skies of Arcadia screenshotSkies of Arcadia – Dreamcast, Gamecube
While it may not be as good as Chrono Trigger, Skies of Arcadia is an RPG that has an interesting enough combination of a good battle system and unique setting that it deserves to live on. The game takes place in a world where instead of oceans there are seemingly endless stretches of air and sky. All of the continents simply float around, and air ships replace boats.

Vyse and Aika are two members of a noble band of pirates. During the looting and plundering they rescue a mysterious silver-haired girl by the name of Fina. The are then on their way to find the 4 moon crystals in order to prevent the Valuan Empire from obtaining their incredible power.

Skies of Arcadia manages to benefit from how heavily exploration is emphasized. Now that games like the Grand Theft Auto series and Spiderman 2 showed how to do more open-ended exploration, a Skies sequel could execute on those concepts. A sequel for the series was hinted at back in 2004, but we haven’t really heard anything since then.
Full Review of Skies of Arcadia

Sonic CD screenshotSonic CD – Sega CD, PC, Gamecube (via Sonic Gems)
As I’ve mentioned twice in the last week, we need a real console Sonic game in 2D. Sonic CD is still, in my opinion the best Sonic game. Sonic 2 and 3 were incredible as well, but Sonic CD added an extra amount of depth and replayabilty when it added the time-travel feature. Which Sonic CDs time traveling wasn’t very complicated, it could be utilized in a sequel and beefed up a bit.

Sonic CD improved on the formula of the original Genesis/Megadrive Sonic games by adding an amazing collection of soundtracks and sound effects in addition to some extra eye candy. Bringing a 2D sequel to next-gen consoles would escalate that improvement many times over. I think it could be a real revolution if Sega would go through with it. I realize the Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS is one of the best Sonic games yet, but we really need a heavy-duty 2D game on a full console.

I have to admit, however, that the name “Sonic CD 2” sounds really lame. Perhaps “Sonic 2D Blast”, as a tribute to the not-so-fun Genesis/Saturn game Sonic 3D Blast.
Full Review of Sonic CD

Grim Fandango screenshotGrim Fandango – PC
One of the most heralded point-and-click adventures was Tim Schafer’s brilliant “Grim Fandango.” It had a mind-blowingly original premise wrapped in somewhat more traditional graphic-adventure-game trappings. Sales of the original disappointed, so I don’t really see a sequel emerging.

Of course, after his eventual success with Psychonauts, Schaffer might be up to the task of bringing Grim Fandango to a more modern gameplay method and platform.

Also worth mentioning is another Lucas Arts title, Sam & Max — but we are crossing our fingers that the sequal that is actually gets released.
Full Review of Grim Fandango

Alice screenshotAmerican McGee’s Alice – PC
This Third Person Shooter was powered by the Quake III engine and was set years after Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, Alice features an older, more cynical and macabre incarnation of Alice. The game is written in the spirit of Tim Burton’s gothic works.

Although the graphics aren’t spectacular, many of the levels are very clever and creative in design. Often, these designs inspire a world of chaos and wonder. There is even a level design that is similar to those hallways/house of mirrors found in circus attractions. The sound and music also adds much to the atmosphere.

While some may not have enjoyed the original Alice because of its shortcomings, that doesn’t mean that a new sequel couldn’t resolve those issues. Much like Nights in to Dreams, Alice would push the envelope of this imaginative world, if a sequel was made on cutting-edge hardware. I would also enjoy seeing a console version since I’m not a big PC gamer.
Full Review of Alice

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Anonymous says:

I got a couple for you

Rockstar (pc)
Mighty Bomb Jack (NES)
General Chaos (genesis)
Gemfire (nes/genesis)
Blades of Vengeance (genesis)
Chakan (genesis)
Flashback (a 2D sequel)
Secret of Monkey Island (we need a real part 3)
CABAL (nes)
Jackal (nes)

Anonymous says:

I can’t believe no one mentioned Blast Corps. That was probably one of Rare’s most unique game they’ve ever made.

Filin says:

Chrono Trigger was actually made a sequel that explained the nexus between Trigger and Cross. It was a conversational game very likely to Tokimeki games (i mean in game mechanics).
It was made to SNES, and its name is Radical Dreamers. It has also a project in translation…Im not sure of their progress but i think its very advanced.


Beautiful universe, gameplaying, music, and story. Well designed and developed characters.
This game really needs a second partt, but is gonna not to be made since the company (Appeal) got bankrupt, and the open outcast project goes very slowly…

soup 32 says:

If i had Shenmue III and Space Channel 5: Part 3, i could die happy

Anonymous says:

Master of Magic is THE game that needs a sequel.

– There is like 2 or 3 petitions on the net that ask for it.

– There is an unofficial masterofmagic2 web site.

– There has been almost 20 different remakes attempts by gamers which most of them were abandoned.

– There has been mod for Civ 3 and other games to reflect the spirit of this game.

– And I am working on an attempt to make a board game out of it.

So there is really a demand for this game.

Anonymous says:

A sequel deserves a sequel if it brings something original to the field. In that aspect Star Control II needs a “true” sequel. Jaws 3 treatment for that abortion of a 3rd game. Write it out. Chakan 2 was scrapped and the graphics and concepts were supposedly put into Blood Omen 2.
I play the pen and paper Shadowrun and would love to see a true followup to the Genesis version. Snes version was OK, and the new project out of Microsoft is not true to Shadowrun in any form.

Nosferatu: Wrath of Malachi
Star Control 2
System Shock 2
Almost any of the old adventure game franchises.

Oktakop says:

Personally, I have to agree with Yuji Naka. As awesome as it would be to see NiGHTS returning on a next-gen console, I just can’t see it being the same quality, or having the same feel of epic-ness as the Saturn version. =P

Also, I really don’t think STs recent works have been quite up to scratch will each series’ predecessor. I don’t think PSU was as good as PSO, I haven’t been enjoying Sonic anywhere near as I did during the Nintendo vs. Sega wars, and I can’t see why they won’t just leave a great franchise alone. But that’s just my opinion.

NiGHTS has actually been hailed as the greatest game there is by many fans, some also describe as ‘near perfection’, and from researching the topic on various sites about how much the game is actually worshipped (I had no idea, it’s almost like a cult), I can see why Yuji Naka would want to leave it be. In my eyes, those people are obviously the ones that REALLY gained something from the game.

Too late now though, it’s no longer a speculation. Somewhere along the line, someone desperately wanted to make a profit, that’s my guess.

Ah well, I guess I can only enjoy it if it’s good. If I’m wrong about my speculation, feel free to tear my words apart. XD

UltimateWalrus says:

I whole-heartedly agree on the Sonic CD thing. We really do need a console sequel to that game… and I don’t just mean a “sequel” in the sense that “Sonic Rush” is a sequel. It needs to be a spiritual sequel, one that can recapture the look-and-feel, brilliant animation, and memorable soundtrack of Sonic CD, as well as the gameplay, on a console once again.

Triple T says:

Nice list you got here!

I agree with RClay about Anachronox (although I’m not sure about the trilogy part – I thought they finished _half_ of the game). It has many flaws but it does deserve a sequel for sure (and maybe a remake as well while we’re at it).
But there are more “series” with similarly sad fates, for example XIII (already mentioned by Anonymous; originally planned as duology; one of the finer FPS games out there) or Advent Rising (originally planned as trilogy; I haven’t played it yet).
I’d also like to see some extended incarnations of mechanics seen in indie games Pogo Sticker and Duel 6. And a prequel or sequel to Cave Story would rock of course.
I really like “party games” and the furthest the SHS multiplayer has made it seem to be the action racing games for me. Unfortunately, they are all (Mashed, Micro Machines, Stunt GP) more or less flawed, so I’d welcome a polished sequel to any of these.
And probably my most secret wish in this area which is never going to happen is a true sequel to Deus Ex.

But nothing from video games really compares to my lust for a continuation of Red Dwarf! Ahh…

fan says:

Master of Magic need a sequal.

Alex says:

I both agree and disagree with your chrono statement. I believe Cross to be a very important part to the Chrono Storyline while it answers so many questions from the first game. It is a sequal, new characters, but equally important. However, I do agree that there needs to be a third game (not including Radical Dreamers. That is a true spin-off), but I wish the game would have come out back in 2000 or so. Nowadays if it is released I know they’ll tag on the one thing that ruins an RPG. Voice acting, bleh. Anyway,s answer all of our questions about magus with Chrono Break. Please SquareEnix!

Alex says:

you know what pisses me off?its that Quest 64 is not on this list!!!it was a good game that shur as hell deserved a follow up 10 times more than all 9 gay games on this list,why 9 because comix zone was an alright game in small doses…but for real quest 64 needs a sequel more than any other game in this world!!!

Bryan says:

Well us Kid Icarus fans finally got our wish. Wooooooo.

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