RetroGaming with Racketboy Podcast Episode #1

Note from racketboy: I’ve had a lot of people over the years asking for a Rackeboy Podcast.  We’ve had a few members volunteering to help out and we’ve finally got a pilot episode ready for listening.   I can’t really take much credit for it though as Dave (known as dsheinem in the forum) took the intiative to put this thing together.  I hope you enjoy it and we look forward to your constructive feedback!

Behind-the-Scenes with Indie RetroGaming Sites

This first show features interviews with the owners/operators of three popular retro-gaming oriented websites:

Hardcore Gaming 101 (
HG101 is the place on the web for detailed, in-depth reviews of classic games and game franchises.  I talk to the site’s creator about what he did in high school, site hosting, favorite genres, and what it’s like to be the guinea pig for our initial podcast.

RetroGaming with Racketboy (
You’re already here!  Find out what Nick thinks of the monster he’s created, what advice he has for other people looking to create their own retro gaming websites, and his future plans for the site.

The Video Game Critic (
He’s averaged almost a review a day for 10 years, so his knowledge of games is immense.  I ask The Critic about his site’s history, his publishing aspirations, his favorite systems and games, and what it means to be a seasonal gamer.

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Show Outline

  • (Gaiares – Sega Genesis)
  • Dave’s Intro
  • Interview – Kurt Kulata (
  • (Master of the Lamps – C64)
  • Interview – Nick (aka Racketboy) (
  • (Robo Aleste – Sega CD)
  • Interview – The Video Game Critic (
  • Dave’s Outro
  • (Lords of Thunder – “The High Priest Sornbul”-  Sega CD)

Plans for Future Episodes

In future episodes, I’ll be interviewing people associated with retro games (directors, composers, etc.) and with retro game culture more generally (authors, store owners, webmasters, etc.).   We have lots of ideas for the show, but will be looking for your feedback to make it better as we go.  Make sure to visit our forums and tell us what you think!

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noiseredux says:

HG101 rules!

jef2 says:

Awesome! I’m genuinely excited about this, and I’m really looking forward to future episodes. 🙂

Tommy says:

Awesome timing! I was just planning the first podcast for my blog today, and this pops up in my feed reader!

Droidparty says:

This is something that I never knew I needed till it happened. Awesome!Downloading now.

Jindo Fox says:

Excellent, looking forward to hearing you. Any chance of getting it into iTunes so we can subscribe and sync more easily?

digital_idiot says:

Great! I’m glad you finally got around to creating this! Be sure and get some of the guys from on a future cast!

Swamp says:

Wow really surprised to see a podcast here at racketboy, really looking forward to listening to it! Downloading it now 🙂
I couldn’t find a iTunes subscribe link. But i just went to the podcast section in iTunes and pressed advanced > subscribe to podcast and added this adress

worked great! maybe you should add a subscribe link to this to the post? thanks!

Luke says:

Why is the audio playing back super fast for me? It sounds like it’s stuck on fast-forward

ImpureEhiyeh says:

An interesting podcast! First time I heard from HG101, great site. Keep up the good stuff 😛

Thierry Henry says:

@ Luke,
I got the same fast forward type playback when I tried to listen to it via the Wii Internet channel. No problems though going directly from my PC.

Luke says:

Yeah, I’m on a Mac. Boo hoo

racketboy says:

Not sure why MP3 playback would be any different on a Mac.
Are you streaming it or downloading the file?

RyaNtheSlayA says:

Ryan would like to contribute to future episodes 😀

oni5 says:

how awesome is your site racketboy? so awesome

yeah that was totally warranted.

BobVilla says:


dsheinem says:

Thanks for all the kudos everyone – we already have a great show lined up for next month! Be sure to check out the “Podcast” section of the forums for the latest updates and discussion!

Cronson says:

I just downloaded it through itunes. I’m so stoked!

Radarscope1 says:

Great show. Nice job, Dave!

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