Racketboy Podcast #49 – Selfish Dave & the Barking Puppy


In this episode we discuss our usual breakdown of game pickups, what we are currently playing, and life events.  We also dig into some shmups and Pier Solar news, discuss stealth games, revel in the comedy of a forum post, and finish up by responding to feedback and questions.
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Show Outline:

  • (Stages 1-4 bgm – Dodonpachi)
  • Intro
  • Playing/Pickups
  • News For the Retro Gamer
  • Forum Thread of the Fortnight
  • Feedback/Questions
  • Outro
  • ( Wind Which Blows From the Dark – Shadow Hearts OST)

Do you have something to add? Do you have questions about this episode? Do you want to heap scorn or praise? Please let us know below, on Twitter at @rackteboypodcst, in the forums, or email us at podcast at racketboy dot com.

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