Racketboy Podcast #42 – Trent Oster


Trent Oster is a founder of Beamdog and of Overhaul Games and the Creative Director for the forthcoming Baldur’s Gate Enhance Edition, a series he is very familiar with from his many years working at Bioware.  In this episode of the show, John interviews Trent about a number of interesting topics, and Trent shares a brief summary of his career, some exciting details about his current work, possibilities for future potential projects, and his views on modern gaming.

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Show Outline:

  • (“Main Theme” – Baldur’s Gate OST)
  • Intro
  • (“Exploring the Plains” – Baldur’s Gate OST)
  • Interview with Trent Oster
  • (“Safe in Beregost” – Baldur’s Gate OST)
  • Discussion of the Interview
  • (“Streets of the City” – Baldur’s Gate OST)


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One Comment

Tr.ond says:

Shame about the lost artwork, would really have loved a HD-remake. still. pre-ordered.
Looking forwared to bg 2 ee. and hoping for the same treatment for icewind dale and plancescape torment. Does the artwork for those games still exist or are they lost too?

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