Racketboy Podcast #32 – XSEED and Endless History on Ys, Trails, and Falcom



This 97-minute episode of the show features Tom Lipshultz from XSEED games and Kirsten Miller from Endless History each talking about their role in localizing, sharing, archiving, and generally evangelizing two great RPG series – Ys and The Legend of Heroes – both of which were created by Japanese developer Nihon Falcom.  The interview focuses on everything from the history of Ys (with special attention to this month’s Together Retro game Ys I), to Falcom’s recent successes with Trails in the Sky and its sequels, to the challenges of localization, to the fan community surrounding Falcom’s games, and to some of XSEED’s future projects.  There’s also post-interview discussion between Dave and John, your mailbag questions answered, and more.

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Show Outline:

  • (“Holders of Power” – Ys I & II Chronicles Musical Selections)
  • John’s Introduction
  • Dave’s Interview with Tom and Kirsten
  • Dave and John’s Discussion of the Interview
  • Mailbag
  • (“The Depth Napishtim”  – Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim OST)
  • (“Feena Flow” – Joe Redifer via OCRemix)


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Skywatcher says:

Great show, I must say you’ve peeked my interest in the Ys franchise. With this and the games showing up on some of your articles, I will give this game try. Thanks!

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