Racketboy Podcast #14 – Retroware TV

It’s no secret that retro gamers have many options when it comes to viewing web videos devoted to classic games.  Especially in the last few years, gamers have been able to find reviews for a wide variety of games for almost every system ever made.  This episode of the podcast focuses on one of the biggest and best names in retro-gaming videos: Retroware TV

Lance Cortez, co-founder of Retroware TV


Over the past four years Retroware TV has grown from a small website featuring a monthly show on classic games to become a major hub for retro-related videos.  In this episode, Lance Cortez, co-founder of the site, talks about the site’s origins, how and why it has grown over the years, and what he hopes to see in the future.  Lance also mulls over the potential for classic gaming related shows on TV, gives tips about video production, and shares his thoughts about running a retro gaming site.

Forum Member Spotlight: onemanfilmcrew

Issue 1 Cover

In a new segment for the show, we will be occasionally highlighting some of our very own forum members, many of whom are working on very interesting projects.  For the first of these segments, onemanfilmcrew (Derek Slaton) talks about his new self-published retro gaming magazine, his own classic gaming videos, his book, and his future plans.

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Show Outline:

  • (MegaRace Intro – PC)
  • Dave’s Intro
  • Interview with Lance Cortez, Retroware TV
  • (Donkey Kong Intro – Arcade)
  • Forum Member Spotlight: onemanfilmcrew
  • Dave’s Outro
  • (Castlevania – Minibosses)
  • (Today (8-Bit Remix) – The Smashing Pumpkins – NESsongsrus)

The Podcast needs your help!

Art: We’re looking for someone with a knowledge of graphic design to help us create a logo for the show and for some of our upcoming segments.  If you have a submission or need anything from us (pictures, ideas, etc.) please contact us at podcast@racketboy.com.

Music: We’re also looking for someone who would be interested in creating a 30 second theme song for the show and several brief sound clips for various segments.  Once again, send submissions or questions to podcast@racketboy.com.

If you can help us out it would be sincerely appreciated.  We can’t promise fortune, but we can promise marginal web fame. We’ll even thank you profusely and tell you how wonderful you are on the air!

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youwreeka says:

hey great show. That’s the first one I’ve actually listened to. Found it on twitter. Im gonna go check out your older podcasts now too.

Bobby says:

8-Bit version of Smashing Pumpkin’s Today? Totally awesome!

Sorry I can’t help with the music and art for the show, I have no idea how to make anything.

ilovesega says:

Hey, anyway I can subscribe to this podcast using the zune software? thanks

Derek Slaton says:

FYI, the initial issue of The VGA is now up for sale on http://www.TheVgaTV.com

I know it was kind of left up in the air during the interview, but it is up and ready to go!

Tommy Kong says:

I wish Americans would pronounce the word “niche” properly. It’s not “nitch”, the proper pronunciation is “neeeesh”.

dsheinem says:

@ilovesega: There’s a link for Zunes to subscribe in the podcast section of the forums. Check there.

@Tommy Kong: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/niche. The pronunciation sound says “nitch.” 🙂

Tommy Kong says:

http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/niche has both pronunciations. It’s french in origin, so it should be pronounced the way it was intended. You wouldn’t say “fill-et mig-none” would you? Wait, I take that back, I’ve heard Americans say filet mignon that way too.

Kevin says:

@Tommy Kong — Both pronunciations are absolutely acceptable in American English, according to the large majority of language experts and reading specialists. The difference, of course, is that only grammar snobs (or those unwilling to notice that pronunciations and spellings naturally evolve as words transition into different languages) would judge those using a pronunciation other than the one they prefer. I assume you don’t roll your Rs when using words appropriated from Romance languages, such as “armada,” “cargo,” and “corral.” I would hope your everyday pronunciations of “strudel” and “hamburger” are not with the same vowels and consonants the Germans would use, as I am sure you would get very funny looks.

In other words: get off your high horse. Language evolves. Both pronunciations are absolutely correct. Live with it.

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