Racketboy Podcast #12: Console Modding w/ Ben Heck & Bacteria

Many retro gamers have had the occasion to pull apart their old hardware to replace or clean bits and pieces, but few of us have ventured into the realm that is the subject of this episode of the podcast: console case modification.

The two guests for this show are known across the web for their handiwork, and both had a lot to say about how they got started, what projects they’ve completed lately, what they want to work on in the future, and what anyone interested in the hobby should know.

Ben Heck

Benjamin J. Heckendorn has been working on modding system cases for over a decade and has become well known for his homemade portable consoles.  Ben’s created a portable version of most major systems, built a pinball machine from scratch, published a book on modding, and runs a blog to keep track of all his projects.  In the interview he talks about his past work, how to tackle some of the more difficult challenges in console modding, and his love for Bill Paxton films. (BTW, Racketboy also interviewed Ben back in 2006)


John Grayson, better known as Bacteria, has also created an impressive number of console case modifications in the past few years, including portable versions of the Dreamcast and N64.  Bacteria’s emphasis is on showing every step of the process and providing step-by-step instructions for those looking to create their own mods.  In the interview, he discusses his earliest projects, his experiences working with Bluetooth technology, and the very big plans for his next project.

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Show Outline:

  • (Pinball Quest Intro – NES)
  • Dave’s Intro
  • Interview with Ben Heck
  • (Batman Forver Intro – Sega Genesis)
  • Interview with Bacteria
  • Dave’s Outro
  • (Battle Theme 1 from Gigawing 2 – Sega Dreamcast)

Do you have something to add? Have you created a modified console and want to share? Do you have questions about this episode?  Do you want to heap scorn or praise? Please let us know below or in the forums!

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Bacteria says:

Thank you again for the honour of being invited onto this interview, it was most enjoyable to do, and a personal highlight of my modding hobby!

aeon says:

Great job bacteria, Your enthusiasm is inspiring.

jfe2 says:

Great podcast! I especially enjoyed the interview with the Bac-man. 🙂

d says:

modded saturn with 60hz
chipped 2 psx´s
built a proper amplifier in an ´n sync (French woodie) arcade cabinet
made a RGB scart to jamma adapter to play saturn, dc, psx on arcade cabinet.
etc. etc. moding rules. Pick up an soldering iron and simcity your console. you are in control!

Foxmulder says:

I want a podcast only feed to use for my phone.

dsheinem says:

Foxmulder –

One of our members – cowgood- made a nice little feed that works with Zunes. Maybe it will work with your phone?


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