Racketboy Podcast #11 – Live @ TooManyGames

On April 18th the podcast was recorded live in front of an audience at the TooManyGames convention in Reading, PA.  It was the first time we’ve tried this live, and by in large things went pretty well!  We had a great set of guests, a live tournament during the show, and some audience Q+A near the end.   The guests for this episode were:

Guest co-host, Kurt Kalata of hardcoregaming101.com

Kurt, who was the very first guest on this show, was gracious enough to help out with the live experiment.  He asked some pointed questions, offered his expertise on all things retro games, and shared a memorable story about a cat that pissed on some of  his games.

Thomas Sansone, publisher of Video Game Trader Magazine

Thomas has been independently publishing Video Game Trader for a little over two years and recently started selling issue #15.  In addition to a detailed price guide, his magazine features reviews of retro games and systems, retro compilations, homebrew and more.  In the interview, Thomas discusses how he got started with the magazine, his plans for the future, what sets his magazine apart from others, and what anyone thinking about independent publishing would want to know.

Joe LeVan, Owner of Challenge Arcade in Reading, PA

Rounding out the show (and adding a bit of local flavor to this episode), Joe shares his thoughts on the state of the modern arcade business, what sets Challenge Arcade apart from the competition, the best way to acquire arcade cabinets, and why everyone should buy Stride gum.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Show Outline:

  • (Outrun Intro – Genesis)
  • Dave’s Intro
  • (Kid Icarus Intro – NES)
  • Interview with Thomas Sansome, Video Game Trader Magazine
  • (After Burner III theme – Sega CD)
  • Interview with Joe LeVan, Challenge Arcade
  • (B.O.B. theme – SNES)
  • Audience Q+A with the panel
  • (Super Raiden theme  – PCE)
  • BONUS:  Electronic Table Soccer! Final Round Play-by Play and Prizes

Do you have something to say?  Do you have pictures or videos of this event? Were you there and want to share your thoughts about how handsome the panel was?  Please let us know in the forums!


opt2not says:

fyi: Donkey Kong II aka D2K:Jumpman Returns is a board hack that was created by an arcade enthusiast named Jeff Kulczycki. interview transcript from Coinopspace: http://www.rotheblog.com/2009/08/arcade/transcript-from-jeff-kulczycki-chat-at-coinopspace-com/

Adds 4 New Levels to the existing DK ones, and includes a few more intermission sequences. Arcade builders have created dedicated D2K cabinets for this game, and is regarded as the perfect candidate for a sequel to DK1.

Nice pod-cast. It was interesting hearing about the challenges of supporting a retro gaming arcade these days.

I still have yet to purchase that Magnavox Yet.


dsheinem says:


odds are there will be one for sale somewhere at the next TMG. I won’t be bringing mine though. I might have something else obscure in tow, though…

Make sure to check the forums – I posted a pic of the bracket sheet with you as the champ!

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