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Tips For Running An Independent Video Game Store

This is a bit of a follow-up to the tour and conversation I had with Giulio from VideoGamesNewYork.  I wanted to keep that video slimmed down and thought this would be a good side conversation to have.  I asked Giulio what advice he had to other independent game store owners and he share some interesting […]

Game Store Tour & Interview: Video Games New York

Back in June, I made my first trip out to New York City to absorb some of the abundance of culture the city had to offer. While I was there. I made sure to take a cab over to VideoGamesNewYork to see what a big-city indie game shop had to offer. The owner, Giulio, was […]

20 Years With The Nintendo Gameboy

Presented by Zen Albatross Friends, I invite you all to raise your glasses in celebration of a momentous occasion in gaming history. In the month of April exactly 20 years ago, our lives were suddenly illuminated by the birth of a friend both loyal and dear; A friend whose illustrious career has set the precedent […]

Punch-Out!! Series: A 25-Year Retrospective

In honor of the recent release of Punch-Out!! for the Nintendo Wii, the 25th anniversary of the series, and the June 2009 choice of Punch-Out!! for the Together Retro game club,  here is a look back at the series through the years, how it changed, and why we root so hard for a little guy […]

Mario Paint: How The 16-bit Wonder Changed Lives

Note from racketboy: I’d like to thanks our newest contributor, Zen Albatross, for his personal, yet entertaining look into one of the most influential games in his life, Mario Paint. I’m guessing he is not the only one that was impacted by this gem from the 16-bit era, so I hope you all enjoy reading […]

So What Was The NES Select Button For?

Note from racketboy:  You can definitely tell when Fastbilly1 is passionate about a topic…. This time he shares his thoughts and research of an oft-overlooked component of the Nintendo Entertainment Systems, the Select Button. Often it is shoved to the side, disregarded, or the target of outright hatred.  Many gamers do not believe it is […]

5 Ways Nintendo Can Bring Metroid Back to 2D

  Some established franchises just feel more natural in 2D.  Even though I love the Metroid Prime series,  I still long for the polished 2D gameplay of the earlier installments.  Just for fun, I wanted to think about five different projects or ideas that would suit Nintendo just fine in filling the 2D drought that […]

How To Find The Best Gaming Deals on eBay

A decade ago, it was quite easy to find real bargains on eBay.  Now that the site is a mainstream marketplace, most items actually sell for what you might expect they are worth — and sometimes much more.  As the community of eBay buyers grows, it can be increasingly frustrating if you are looking for […]

Complete SEALED Japanese Dreamcast Game Library on eBay

As we’ve discussed before, sealed games yield quite a premium over their opened counterparts when it comes to collectors. This is especially true of games that are rare to begin with. So imagine my amazement when forum member, lost_within posted this massive eBay auction that includes every single Japanese Dreamcast game in sealed condition. As […]

Behind The Scenes With DUX: The Upcoming Dreamcast Shooter

The Sega Dreamcast has one of the most loyal followings of hardcore gamers and more than seven years after Sega announced the end of its hardware run, the Dreamcast is still slowly being supported by a handful of devoted developers. The latest game be announced is DUX, a new 2D shooter from the team at […]

The State of Sega Saturn Homebrew

The Sega Saturn has been out of retail channels for about ten years now, but that hasn’t stopped a handful of dedicated individuals from creating their own software and games for the vintage machine.  The Rockin-B is not only one of my long-time online contacts from my days on Sega Xtreme, but he is also […]

Comparing Massive Markups For Pristine Retro Games

Written in 2008 Accumulating classic video games is quickly becoming less about playing the games and more about collecting with dollar values in mind. After analyzing the advertisement for buying sealed NES games, I became more aware of how much of a premium there was on sealed classic games. My curiosity got the best of […]

Store Paying Insane Prices For Sealed NES Games (2008)

Not too long ago, I was spending some time in a Barnes & Noble browsing the magazine racks. I picked up a toy collecting magazine since I used to be into that stuff a decade ago and I was curious what has happened lately. While flipping through the pages, I spotted an ad featuring some […]

Store Paying Insane Prices For Sealed NES Games

Written in 2008 Not too long ago, I was spending some time in a Barnes & Noble browsing the magazine racks. I picked up a toy collecting magazine since I used to be into that stuff a decade ago and I was curious what has happened lately. While flipping through the pages, I spotted an […]

Finding The Best 8-Bit Nintendo Art From Japan

Japan always gets the best videogame artwork. I’m not bitter, but it definitely makes decorating a grown-up-friendly game room more challenging. Since we can’t just wander into your average gaming shop and expect to find a wide array of frame-worthy artwork, we have to be a bit more creative in finding suitable pieces. This time […]

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