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Atari 2600 Red Sea Crossing Advertisement in Christianity Today

Up until recent years, the Atari 2600 game, Red Sea Crossing (see its mention in our guide of the Rarest and Most Valuable Atari 2600 Games) was a bit of a mystery.  A recent seller, however, did include the following advertisement from the October 7, 1983 issue of Christianity Today, which may be the only marketing […]

Retro Game Store Directory & Nominate Your Favorite Stores

Even though retro-styled games are making a comeback of sorts, important establishments that are part of retro gaming culture such as arcades and stores that stock retro games and gear are still on the decline. Since these establishments are becoming such a rarity, we need to keep retro gamers educated where existing places are located and […]

How to Spot Fake Sealed Classic Video Games

You might remember my interview and store tour with Jason from Trade N Games (based in St. Louis, MO area) (See our interview here).  Well anyway, I wanted to share an extra video segment from that day where he shared his thoughts on sealed games and how you can spot fake sealed games in the […]

Interview: The SegaGaGa Translation Project

For those of you that are old-school Sega Junkies (especially fans of the Dreamcast), you may have heard of Sega’s simulation adventure that puts you in control of the (at the time) beloved hardware and software maker.   Segagaga was filled with lots of fanboy humor and put you on a mission to beat Sega’s […]

Panel Discussion: Preserving the Digital Game Canon

A little over a week ago, I attended PAX East in Boston for the second time and was able to attend a few very interesting panels that were related to retro gaming.    My favorite panel of the bunch was entitled “Ten Games You Need to Play: The Digital Game Canon” put on by the IGDA […]

Arcade Tour: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Check out the Racketboy Youtube Channel and Facebook Photo Set for related media As we all know, arcades are disappearing around the world – even in the largest of cities.    I know that here in the Midwest part of the US, there are only a handful of quality arcades and not many “mega arcades” .  […]

Cubicolor for the Atari 2600

From an eBay Auction in October 2012: “What I have here is an Atari 2600 game made by Rob Fulop. This game is extremely rare.Rob was working for Imagic at the time,but the game was never released.Rob eventually sold the game himself.There were only 50 ever made.Each cartridge was signed and numbered.This is #44.Included with this […]

Racketboy Staff’s Retro Gaming Gift Guide

The holiday shopping season is in full swing now and I thought it would be a great time to round up some products that would be useful for not only building up your own wishlists, but also might be some good gift ideas for other gamers in your lives or for friends that just need […]

Featured Game Collection: Jason from Trade N Games

I get a real kick out of talking to owners of independent game stores.  They always have so many interesting stories to tell, and often, cool things to show off.   During my visit to Trade N Games while in St. Louis this past summer, I was treated to lots of both.   I actually recorded about […]

Retro Game Store Review: Trade-N-Games (St. Louis)

Every now and then, when visiting different parts of the US, I like to track down independent or small-chain game stores and report my findings to the Racketboy community. While in on a road trip back in July, I was able to spend some time in the wonderful city of St. Louis (serious, I recommend […]

Retro Game Store Review: Vintage Stock

Every now and then, when visiting different parts of the US, I like to track down independent or small-chain game stores and report my findings to the Racketboy community.  Usually, I like to do a video interview with the store owner and not only get a tour of the store, but also get their insights […]

Playpower: Bringing 8-Bit Learning to the World

Presented by Zen Albatross Tiny bagels and pots of hot coffee wait patiently on a fold-out table in a a small classroom on the southeast end of New York University campus. It’s an early Saturday morning in late June and most of NYU’s students are on Summer break. But for the group of artists, programmers, […]

The Sega Hype Machine and the Sega CD

Oh Sega… you were such cunning marketers in the early 1990’s. We all love the Sega Scream campaign and Sonic’s extra ounce of attitude that, in our minds, gave him the advantage over Mario. However, once Sega attempted to move faster with their technology in order to stay a step or two ahead of their […]

Learn How Much Your Video Games Are Worth

One of the most popular features of this site is our Rare and Valuable Game Guides.  These features have received a lot of attention lately because of the recent sale of a Stadium Events NES Cartridge on eBay for $13,000 and a sealed listing of the same game on eBay for more than $20,000 (auction […]

How Digital Downloads Affect Values of Collectable Games

When the digital distribution model started taking off on services like Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, I had a feeling that we would start seeing affordable downloads of cult-classic games that have previously been expensive collectors pieces.  So at the end of 2006, I started tracking a handful of games that I thought would be […]

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