Game Store Tour: Video Game Connection (Cleveland)

This summer I just happened to find myself in Cleveland, Ohio and decided to check out what the city had to offer in terms of games stores.  A quick Google search clued me in about Video Game Connection and I contacted Mike, the store’s owner to see if he’d be willing to give me a tour of the place and talk with me a bit.

Turns out he was quite busy getting ready for Cleveland’s Classic Console & Arcade Gaming Show that weekend, but he was kind enough to sqeeze in a little time while he was packing stuff up for the show.    In addition to showing off his store, we shared some good stories of rare games that have passed through Mike’s hands over the years and discussed the business a bit.

Involvement with Cleveland’s CCAG Show

Like I mentioned in the intro, Mike and Video Game Connection is quite involved with the community and the Classic Console & Arcade Gaming Show.  Since it just happened to be going on the weekend I was in town, I got to check it out and I will be posting a video shortly showing that off as well.  (The next show is actually next weekend — October 24th, 2009)

My Thoughts

I have to say I was quite impressed with the place — it had a great selection of fairly-priced stuff to browse through in addition to plenty of screens running retro goodness throughout the premesis.  And of course, in addition to the great setup, Mike seemed like a great guy that would take care of his customers and knows games of all generations.  I can honestly say, I wish I had a place like Video Game Connection closer to my hometown.

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Inazuma says:

Awesome store and great interview. I wish I lived in the area so I could go check it out.

Wow… I live about 50min south of there and never knew it existed, nor did I know about the CCAC. I may have to stop by next weekend.

Tommy says:

Great interview, if I’m ever in the Cleveland area I’ll definitely have to drop by!

I discovered this site just to help out with my quest to emulate all my old favorite games, but I’m getting tempted to actually start collecting them again!

Mike is an awesome guy. I’m glad you got to tour the store. I’ve known Mike now from several shows (notably CinciClassic), and he’s the real deal: a guy who truly loves video games.

toredauei says:

AWESOME!!! I was wondering when the next one of these store walkthrough videos was going to show up. Nothing better than seeing mountains of sexy retro goodness crammed into minimal shelf space :]

Snickerd00dle says:

I am from the Cleveland area and have been here before, Mike is a great guy, the show is great as well, if anyone gets a chance to go this October I highly recommend it

Eddie says:

His store wasn’t nearly as cramped as the last guy’s store you went in. This is a nice store as well. Good selection of Gameboy games are hard to come by. I like this series of interviews you’re putting up.

MarsPants says:

This is a really good series, I hope to see more good work!

jjjiii says:

Great video:) You should have mentioned, the next CCAG show is coming up very soon, this Saturday in fact. 10/24/2009. for more info.

jjjiii says:

D’oh, I just noticed you did mention the show:) Oh well, hope to see a good turnout on Saturday!

cowgod says:

these videos are awesome, keep them coming!

i was especially elated by mike’s story of purchasing games that he himself owned 20 years ago. that’s simply amazing.

Metalcrack says:

It’s a great store, and while I’ve never met Mike in person, he’s always responded very quickly to my emails. It’s a step back in time to walk into a place and see SMB3 playing on a screen as soon as you enter!

Clevelanddd says:

Probably my favorite video game store to go to. I live in the Cleveland area so I always make sure to support him over the big chains.

ehsteve14 says:

I absolutely love this store. A few months ago, I was in the market for a Model 1, pre-TMSS Sega Genesis, and they had one. When I’m not in college, I live on the east side of Cleveland, and though VGC is on the west side, it’s very much worth the trip.

kingmohd84 says:

Very sad stories on the missed opportunities. I wonder if he made big bucks on any other items he bought cheap but sold for a lot.

Nancy Haldeman says:

Do you have Atari 2600? We Have one and are having trouble setting it up. Can we bring it in and get some help?

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