X-Men 6-Player Arcade: The Best Cabinet EVER

Inpsired by a post on Detructoid today, I wanted to share what I believe is the greatest arcade cabinet of all time:

X-Men 6-Player, Dual Screen Edition

This puppy really had to be experienced in a busy arcade to really be appreciated. I first fell in love with this X-Men arcade machine at a large arcade at Cedar Point (a large roller coaster park in Ohio).

Back in the mid 1990’s this machine was a hot item and it wasn’t unusual to see all 6 joysticks filled with rabid players. The ultra-wide cabinet allowed just enough elbow room for each player, but it could be a challenge if you wanted to squeeze into a busy game as one of the remaining characters.

X-Men is the only arcade game I know of that actually used 2 full CRTs to provide a nice wide-screen effect. As if the colorful graphic novel graphics and great sound effects weren’t enough, the widescreen allowed 6 heroes battle wave after wave of baddies without the screen being too crowded.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a way to emulate the 6-player version of X-Men to accurately re-created the experience (the 2 or 4-player, single screen version isn’t a problem). The only real way to pull this off is to track down the real machine.

Maybe, just maybe, We’ll find a widescreen, 6-player version of X-Men arcade on XBox Live Arcade or something. But even then, I don’t know if it will be able to rival this ultimate arcade cabinet.

If you’d like to find out more about the game itself, I recommend reading this review of the X-Men arcade game.

If you have fallen in love with this arcade game or have another arcade cabinet that you think is more worthy, let me know in the comments section below or by joining in on this thread on the forums.
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I totally agree and thanks for linking to my review!


jemsic says:

It’s weird, I actually saw one of these for the first and last time about a year ago in the game room of some hotel in Florida. They had almost no good games, but I clearly remember seeing that huge X-men with the dual screens and saying “that’s awesome”.

Steve says:

There was one summer when my brother and I would spend afternoons pumping quarters into that machine. Until X-Men Legends, all other X-Men games have kinda sucked in comparison.

Do you remember the equivalent game for the Avengers, featuring Captain America, Vision, Hawkeye and Iron Man?

Andy says:

What an awesome arcade. That and the Captain America was my and my brother’s favorite arcade 🙂

All Hail The New Flesh says:

I remember seeing this at Las Vegas, I remember a crowed of people playing at once, it was amazing.

Peter says:

Does any one know where I can download a schematic for this thing? My school has one, but it’s currently not working.

aber says:

Had one of these @ the Titl in Fresno (Fashion Fair Mall) in the early to mid 90’s. Waas a popular machine, and the cabnet was easily our biggest at the time.

Robert says:

Does anyone know where I can find this arcade? What its cost range from?

Austin says:

I have found instructions on how to build an arcade acbinet!
It says it comes with plans to build this and 45 other cabinets! go to ebay and search “Build Arcade Cabinet Step By Step works with MAME “. (don’t put the parantheses in.)
I’m planning to use it to build my oun!

Matt says:

My friend just got one of these the other night, he had to move it maybe 150mi. and now one of the protruding moniter is only being half projected, anyone know of a fix for this?

Jeff says:

I, too, first played and fell in love with this game at Cedar Point. It was 1992, and my friend wanted to play it, and I said “Okay, I’ll play this demon-like guy. He looks pretty cool” and that started me on a 5 year stint of collecting comics. To this day, Nightcrawler is my favorite X-Man.

racketboy says:

Wow — small world, huh? 🙂
And yes, Nightcrawler rocks!

grady says:

Does anyone know if you can get it for a home gaming system like NES or download it to your computer. I loved this video game (and the captain america and the avengers game) and want to play them both, but can’t afford to buy an actual video game cabinet.

Chris says:

Hey, real small world, seeing how I played through the whole game with friends at Cedar Point this past summer. There were only 4 of us, but it was incredible. I really wish I could get one for myself, but I couldn’t fit it anywhere ;_;

JennLo says:

This was the first “video game” I ever played and I haven’t stopped since. I enjoyed the post.

preston says:

WHY HAVNT the brought this old awsome game to the home systems????

Ross says:

what players are on the 4 player and which ones are on the 6 player? Please reply cuz ima bout to buy one on ebay.

racketboy says:

I want to say they are all on there, but they don’t have dedicated spots on the cabinet. I think you just insert your coin and then select your character.

Mark says:

I just purchased the PCB for the six player version from eBay very cheaply. It had a few faults that were fairly easy to fix.

I wanted to run it with my supergun test rug, however because it’s a twin screen game I had to guess the pin-out for the extra video connector and when I did get an image it was flipped horizontally. The arcade cab must have used a mirror.
I’ve managed to flip the image on my TV set to get it working and it’s pretty cool. It is possible to get this running at home for 6 players without a cabinet; however you need to be confident with electronics and modifying CRT TV’s to do it. Pics will be available at my website soonish.


racketboy says:

I don’t know personally — sounds like a good question for our arcade experts in the forum!

Industriajor says:

Hi! you guys! im from Argentina im so glad to tell that here in my city by the years ’93 ’94 & ’95 i have played this exactly same arcade! by 1996 the arcade gallerie closed because drug dealers seemed to be the owners… so sad never heard of what else happened. but i can answer a lot of things like for example the 2player and 4 player version have the option of CHOOSE the character not depending of wich stick you chose to play. and other stuff like for example :the european version has the 2dn stage (elevators that go down) cutted out! but there are some white centinels that give you mutant power and full lifebar back when you destroy’em also you can choose what atack move will perform your character by pressing diagonaly UP or DOWN while pressing the ATTACK button. some other changes were made for example the jump and atack pressed at the same time make some x-mens to hit on the air BUT NOT moving forward (like the american version but in the european nightcrawler stays on the same place) well that’s a lot to full a trivia of good info to chel out! SPECTACULAR KONAMI GAME

Industriajor says:

sorry o forgot to say the arcade had BOTH CRT MONITORS LANDED ON THE BOTTOM of the cabinet and in the back of that “black room” there were 2 mirrors that made the “mixing” of the two screens if you see on the back of the cabinet there is not so many space for crt i remember as a kid i figured it aou and my admiration for konami growed so much! i was a castlevania player by the time!!! and tmnt too! bye bye add me to you msn so we can chat about other relationed stuff

lee says:

I picked this up about 5 years ago. Now that I have moved, it is just sitting in storage (can’t fit it in my place). It is in great shape and I had it serviced about a year ago. I have pictures and more info available. Located in Minnesota. If anyone is interested, contact me with an offer. Thanks.

Gunner says:


i’d like to see some pics. email me at jasondotlevaratgmaildotcom

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