Video Game Controller Storage Using A Hanging Shoe Rack

 Since there aren’t very many storage solutions specifically developed for video game equipment, I’m always on the lookout for creative ideas using existing products.

In my daily Flickr browsing, I came across a gamer that uses an over-the-door, hanging shoe rack to hold his various game controllers.

You can find these shoe holders at just about any major retail outlet (See these at Target as an example) in various colors and affordable prices (around $15).

Most of the units will have about 24 pockets, so you will have plenty of space for all sorts of peripherals and controllers for a variety of consoles.

This technique also has some great benefits over storing them in a box or drawer such as…

  • You can see them at a glance
  • They are quick and easy to grab and put back without disturbing the rest
  • You can keep them grouped and organized easier since they can’t get shuffled
  • It doesn’t take up much additional space

While I like the idea I mentioned a few days ago about the shelving with the built in controller racks, this shoe rack idea is better for those on a tight budget, don’t want to build anything, or have limited space like in a bedroom.

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What a good idea. I have a pretty small bedroom to store my gaming stuff, and this includes a cupboard full of controllers lying all over the place within it. It’s a pain in the arse as every time I pull a controller out, all the others like to join in and fall out. I’ll have to find one of these, me thinks.

crux says:

I love the idea, but it certainly doesn’t handle my novelty controllers (of which I have a large collection growing) and I’d probably need two canvases to fit all my controllers, especially with 8 Saturn controllers. (Two more to go!)

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Zombie says:

I recently got one of these shoe racks it makes finding controllers for systems so much easier i would recommend this if you need to save some space

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