Turning Nintendo’s R.O.B. Into A Webcam

 The most iconic but nearly-useless artifact from the 8-bit era is a little robot from Nintendo known as R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy).

ROB was originally used on the NES as a peripheral for games such as Gyromite. He has also been featured in modern Nintendo games such as Wario Ware and F-Zero GX.

I’ve had my eye on a used ROB for a while, but now I may have a better reason to pick one up. Mobat555, recently posted a creative little modification job that put a webcam inside of ROB’s little robotic body.

He writes,

“I dug out the cam to see if it would fit in the optical part of the ROB’s eye. Low and behold it did. I did have to gut some of his original circuitry, but it didn’t work anyway so why not. Then I laced the power cord threw the neck and down the base out the cord hole.”

As Modbat555 mentioned, a lot of us that grew up with the NES are now getting to the point in our lives where we have young children to keep an eye on or just want to monitor our huge stash of games. A ROB Webcam will serve this purpose, look cool, and remain inconspicuous.

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SegaVega says:

The Horror!! (cries) This…this is one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen on the internet 🙂 How could anyone do such a thing to this defenseless little paperweight!? Sure, he may have turned from a functioning ROB to a broken SOB, but he really ought to remain the same useless, under-realized and shameful little accessory he so miserably is. Punishment enough, I’d say. That said, this is a great idea!

Craig says:

I was digging through some old boxes and found a great condition R.O.B, anyone interested email me.

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