Maximizing Your Wii Experience Wii on The Big Screen

 There is no doubt that the Nintendo Wii is a much-needed innovation in the console gaming industry. Instead of concentrating on bleeding-edge graphics and high-definition, Nintendo focused on making games more fun and interactive.

Even though the Wii’s strong-point is not the high-resolution graphics and surround sound, the Wii can still make a huge impact on a home theater. B. Greenway from the Home Theater Blog got a Wii for an early Christmas present and confirms that the Wii is a blast on the big screen.

Wii Sports seems like an excellent demonstration of what kind of impact a large screen can make. The larger area around a big screen would definitely prevent people from running into each other while playing a mean game of tennis. I imagine it would also be much more exciting to have your Mii be a bit closer to your actual size.

If you are fortunate enough to have both a Wii and a large screen TV, you most definitely want to look into getting a Wii Component Video cable. As I write this, the cables from Nintendo are still quite rare and/or expensive due to limited supplies (there is supposedly a third-party cable on the way and you can also make your own Wii Component cable ).

Since there have been numerous complaints about how crappy the Wii looks on a high-definition TV with the standard Composite video cables (although many diggers will state that this is blown out of proportion), you may want to start giving some serious thought about upgrading your video connection. There are also a couple of comparisons (here and here) that have been posted to show you the difference in video quality of the different cables.

While I realize that Nintendo wants to concentrate on bringing an affordable alternative to the XBox 360 and PS3 and delivering killer gameplay, I do hope that in the near future they will bring some good options for optimizing the audio and video.

Rumor has it that Nintendo is already developing a new version of the Wii that will have DVD support and possibly some other nice features. (Kinda like the transition from the original DS to the DS Lite). Maybe we will see more AV developments then…

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Mike says:

Just bought 42″ Sharp Aquos and the wii looks awful! I have the component cable and have it setup accordingly. I hope there will be a way to fix that someday if at all possible.

Pound says:

I have a 50″ panasonic plasma and it look fine on the standard cables… I bet your settings need to be adjusted on your TV…

Sprintgeek says:

You have to tell the wii to use 480P instead of 480I after you connected with the component cable.
That makes all the difference.

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