Kotaku Editor’s Hi-Def Game Room

 Brian Crecente, the main editor at the gaming mega-blog, Kotaku, recently completed the game room of his dreams. He does a great job of keeping the style simple but maximizing the functionality.

The room features a 50-inch plasma from LG Electronics which is surrounded by some great in-wall speakers and bookshelves. It also has a nice media storage system underneath.

It’s a shame to see he doesn’t have any older systems (at least that he mentions or shows), but he has both his retail and debug systems set up in some customer shelving. Its also worth mentioning that he shows off a nice method of keeping wire clutter to a minimum and well-hidden.

The room is in his newly finished basement and he does a great job of staying away from the basement look. He shows off a kitchen-type area that he refers to as a lounge. From the looks of it, it seems to be on the main floor, so I’m not sure if it connects to the game room or not.

Anyway… I give a great deal of praise to Brian, and I hope he enjoys the room for years to come!

Check out the page at Kotaku for more information and lots of pictures.

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