DIY Game Cabinet With Controller Racks

 When you are multi-console gamer like myself, one of the largest challenges is keeping all of my different controllers organized along with the consoles.

Once again, a Flickr member comes to the rescue with a game room design solution. kriseattle22 posted a detailed photoset of their new cabinet for their console collection.

In addition to functioning as an attractive shelving unit for their consoles (their drool-worthy collection of new-gen systems along with a top-loading NES), they also added some simple pegs to serve as controller holders for each console.

I really appreciate the controller stations for two reasons…

  • It gives you a consistent place to store the controllers — helping you find them every time you want to play.
  • It adds a stylist element — especially with wireless controllers.

Older, wired controllers would be a bit more of a challenge to tidy up, but here are some thoughts if you want to build a similar project…

  • Add additional pegs to wrap the cords around — much like winding up a garden hose
  • You could also hang them straight down and as long as they are spaced out enough and arranged properly, they might actually look presentable.

Anyway, I was really impressed by the project (although I could go with more subtle lighting) and I think the serves as excellent inspiration.

Thanks to both Lifehacker and MAKE for sharing this photoset!

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That is awsome..great idea

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