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 A while back, I was Googling for some inspiration for some retro gaming decorations for my game room and other misc design projects. I’ve been doing some of my own custom vector art in Macromedia Freehand which will allow me to enlarge my work without having any quality loss.

My incredible discovery is and its arcade artwork database. It is a repository for vector graphics that were traced from genuine arcade Marquees, Side Art, Control Panel Overlays, Logos, Character Art, and even Instruction Cards and is made up of submissions from a variety of members.

The main intension of the site it to provide a way for arcade cabinet owners to easily restore some of the artwork on their aging machines, but the graphics can be used for many other projects.

I don’t know how they do such a good job on the pieces, but I’d love to learn some tips. So anyway, check out their site, you might find something you could use as well. And if you know of any other similar sites, please let me know via the Comments section.

BTW, you can also get involved in the site and contribute your own work. If you need something to get started on, check out the “Unclean” section which includes Ready to Trace, Unfinished raster, Unfinished Vector graphics.

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sultan says:

I was using until about 2 weeks ago, now it seems as if the site is dissapeared. Was wondering if you had any news about this tragedy.

racketboy says:

Looks like it is up now…

diokhan says:

…and now it’s down again/

jasmk1 says:

I tried to join this site but it was faulty – a better site x10 is; – this site is the bees knees

Parrain says:

The website is still online, but at a different address.
Try and envoy!

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