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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by noiseredux Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:14 pm

MrPopo wrote:I haven't. I keep thinking about getting it but then when I read about it there's something that keeps me from getting it. I'm not really sure what it is either, just from descriptions and screenshots something in the back of my head is like "no".

oddly when I read about it I'm like "this sounds like the sort of game Popo would have the patience for... not so much me."
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Exhuminator Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:41 pm

MrPopo wrote:I'm not really sure what it is either, just from descriptions and screenshots something in the back of my head is like "no".

Well if you get an itch for another WRPG sometime, I suggest this:

Description from GOG: Inquisitor is a unique blend of action-oriented combat with a deep and involving tale of betrayal, torture, madness, and infernal damnation. Put your wits to the test as you collect evidence against possible heretics and put them to trial once they have been charged. Use the might of the Inquisition to extract a confession from your subjects, but be warned, use your power wisely or you will face the consequences. If a gritty old-school open-ended isometric RPG is what you looking for, look no further. Inquisitor will provide you with hours of gameplay and a dark, involving story.

It is hardcore in ways I think a gamer like you would appreciate. I've bought it myself, gonna hit it up sometime when I have time for an investment of that sort.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Fragems Thu Jan 15, 2015 2:43 pm

1. Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition(PS4)
2. Infamous First Light(PS4)
3. Drakengard 3(PS3) *Endings 1-4. Ending 5 I watched online due to BS boss.
4. Infamous Second Son(PS4)
5. Thomas Was Alone(PS4)

Infamous Second Son

This is probably my favorite PS4 game yet. The gameplays fluid, the city is pretty massive, the characters really grew on me over time, and the powers were awesome. I really didn't know how this would stack up in comparison to the first two games but I'm happy to say I enjoyed it just as much if not more than it's predecessors. About the only complaint I have against the game is how you swap powers. Instead of having all the abilities available at once you have to swap powers by draining the element associated with them which eliminates the ability to combine the powers. Because of this I kind of felt shoehorned into using the powers which had the most abundant supply of recharge material around. This was especially noticeable in the boss battles which always focused on 1-2 powers since you couldn't recharge certain abilities due to a lack of available resources.

Kind of Spoiler about Final Boss Battle

The final battle was also a big letdown because instead of making you use all the powers you had acquired over the game you were stuck using only 1 power set for each for the two parts of the battle and the stage is set it in a very small enclosed environment that essentially forces you to run back and forth across the tiny space slowly chipping away at the bosses health as you go.

Thomas Was Alone

Very simple but great puzzle game with an amazing narrative. I never thought I would care so much for a group of square they really did a great job of building a story around the game. Plus the puzzles are challenging but fair and are quite enjoyable to play through. It only takes a few hours to beat so I played it through in one sitting. So glad PSN had it as a freebie this month probably would have never picked it up otherwise.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by BoneSnapDeez Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:52 pm

I have Wasteland 1. That game is rough.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Flake Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:58 pm

1/3: Super Mario Bros 2: Lost Levels (Luigi Run) (3DS VC/NES)
1/4: Super Mario Bros. (Wii / All-Stars)
1/15: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

Third game down on my 'Play it or Sell it' Backlong marathon. A few thoughts about a game that has gotten ample enough covereage to not require many sentences:

I don't think this game is better than Super Mario Galaxy. It is a fantastic game and I do love the focus on smaller, bite sized play fields but the lack of a fleshed out plot makes the acheivement of saving you-know-who at the end less memorable. There was a moment at the end of the original game that actually was quite touching - nothing like that existed this time around. This game felt like the most amazing expansion pack ever but it doesn't have anything like the soul or spirit the original had.

That said - still an amazing experience. I finished about 50% of the stars - I'm done for now but I'll probably return to this one some day to finish what I started.
The PSTV is amazing.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by noiseredux Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:04 am

1. Beavis And Butt-Head In Virtual Stupidity (PC)
2. Renegade Ops (PC)

beat Renegade Ops over 2 weeks w/ Ack, Fast & our guy Xen. Best way I can put it is this: I hate twin stick shooters. I had a blast with this game. Super fun. Sega knows what they're doing.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Ack Fri Jan 16, 2015 1:09 am

1. Renegade Ops (PC)(Multidirectional Shooter)

I really haven't been playing many games this year so far. Instead, I've been watching a lot of movies, writing, and preparing to move.

That said, Renegade Ops is a lot of ridiculous fun, with a story that sounds like a GI Joe cartoon, only less of that 1980s PC. It has an awful story, and by awful I mean great. The gameplay is frantic and fast paced. The only real issue I have is that I can be really awful at it. But overall, it was a lot of fun! Maybe I'll give the DLC a shot some time.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by GSZX1337 Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:07 am

dust_hound wrote:@GSZX1337:
A Cannon Spike fan! Salute! I loved the art direction and the ridiculousness of it all. When i can afford it, i definitely plan to re-buy it for my sadly neglected DC. But not until i've cleared more of my horrendous backlog!

Yeah, Cannon Spike is great. The graphics just scream "Dreamcast," and the whole thing is just over the top. I loved the boss names as well. You gotta love UFO Robo Vader and Jungle Master Sasuke. :D
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by fastbilly1 Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:24 am

1. Spelunky
2. Race the Sun
3. Renegade Ops

I finally got to beat the final boss - after having a year of the same game crashing bug... How I got around said game crashing bug you ask? Well once we got halfway through the map, I went to the bathroom with a coughing fit while Noise, Ack, and Xen, ran to the boss. Teleporting me past the crash to desktop causing fire blast.

If you like games like Jackal or Desert Strike, and 80s action movies, this is the game for you.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Blu Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:57 pm

1. Super Smash Brothers - N64 (January 3)
2. Shovel Knight - Wii U (January 6)
3. NES Remix - Wii U (January 14)
4. NES Remix 2 - Wii U (January 14)
5. Streets of Rage - Genesis (January 16)

I got inspired to go back and play Streets of Rage this afternoon, after seeing the Genesis Music thread and hearing some of those fancy tunes. Played through as my favorite character, Blaze, because you know, she kicks ass. Nearly got wiped out forgetting how to deal with twin Blaze gals without powerups right at the end. Remembered the B+C attack to deal with them, and powered through to the end.
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