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Re: Games Beaten 2016

by ElkinFencer10 Thu Mar 24, 2016 7:36 am

PartridgeSenpai wrote:
Exhuminator wrote:Loving your new review format Elkin. I don't give a crap about The Division, but your review was written well enough that I read the whole thing. Pretty amusing to see you jump from a panty hunting weeabo game to a dude bro shooter. :lol: Variety is good.

I second this :I
I hope this trend of longer Elken reviews continues :D

It shall. I'm an attention whore, and this has gotten me attention. Therefore, it shall continue. :lol:
Exhuminator wrote:Ecchi lords must unite for great justice.

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Re: Games Beaten 2016

by fastbilly1 Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:44 am

PartridgeSenpai wrote:
MrPopo wrote:
fastbilly1 wrote:I am holding off on more Kings Quests. I am debating Space Quest or Quest for Glory. I will be much slower in those since they are not of the same mindset (the first Space Quest took me a solid month of random sparetime gaming). Or Witcher 1, so I can finally move into Witcher 2.

Just working through my PC gaming backlogs.

My understanding is Space Quest is Kings Quest in space while Quest for Glory makes a lot of usage of the RPG elements to fit in between an RPG and an adventure game.

When Quest For Glory claims to add RPG elements to games, it means like pen and paper RPG elements, combined in with the normal Sierra "quirks." Granted if you can handle that, and it certainly seems like you can, go right on ahead. It's just a bit more of a ballache than it seems like it's worth to do what's essentially King's Quest with stat management and training (think of like Ultima 7-style training) and penning lots of your own maps and stuff, especially in QfG2.

Lots of silly Sierra quirky humor and writing, but GOD, if you're a purist and refuse to use any kind of guide, then get ready for it to consume your life. Then again, considering that this is a Sierra game, that shouldn't surprise you ;3

I have beaten Space Quest 1 and played 3 and 4 in the past. So I have an idea of what I am getting into. Its the mindset of the Two Guys from Andromeda is so different from Roberta Williams. Good to hear about the QfGs being Kingsquest meets Ultima 7. I will still work through them, but now I know what to expect.

1. Portal DS - DS
2. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 4 - Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective - PC
3. Metal Slug - Coop - MVS
4. Mario and Luigi RPG 3 - Inside Bowser Story - DS
5. Payday 2 - PC
6. Akalabeath - PC
7. Kings Quest 2 – PC
8. Kings Quest 3 – PC
9. Kings Quest 4 – PC
10. Kings Quest 5 – PC
11. Kings Quest 6 – PC
12. Battle Block Theater – Coop – PC
13. Lode Runner – Apple ][ Plus
14. Space Eggs – Apple ][ Plus
15. SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium - NGPC

16. Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender - PC
Fair warning, there is pixelated cleavage in this. A story concept right out of a 50s scifi. There is a planet of women who use a machine to change sex to continue the race. So you play Rex Nebular, life long bachelor, ladies man, etc. Rex crashes on this planet of woman. It is all over the map. But like many early 90s adventure games, it has a great concept but a poor execution. It has long load times for most screens. I thought this was due to my gaming on an eee900a running win7, but no these load times were unusually long even on my gaming computer. No puzzles were too obtuse, so it is easily beatable in two nights. I recommend it at the price I paid ($1.50 USD) but not any higher. It is a forgettable adventure game.
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Re: Games Beaten 2016

by Sarge Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:25 am

noiseredux wrote:
Sarge wrote:Didn't Rare dev it, though? That would explain a lot.

probably? I get the whole LJN/Acclaim/RARE thing mixed up from back then.

I mean, you're right, it was an LJN game, but I think they just played the role of publisher. I'm pretty sure LJN didn't actually make any of their own games in-house.

1) Bonk's Adventure (NES)
2) Little Samson
3) Holy Diver
4) Holy Diver (legit!)
5) Mitsume Ga Tooru
6) TMNT II: The Arcade Game (NES)
7) Mighty Final Fight
8] Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
9) Monster In My Pocket
10) Battle of Olympus
11) Gunstar Heroes (repeat)
12) Dragon Age: Inquisition
13) Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser
14) Captain America and the Avengers (NES)
15) StarTropics
16) Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES) (save states)
17) Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES) (legit)
18) Crisis Force
19) Esper Dream 2
20) Felix the Cat
21) Moon Crystal
22) Panic Restaurant
23) Frankenstein (NES)
24) Crystalis
25) Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu

26) Killer Instinct (GB)
27) Mashin Hero Wataru Gaiden
28) Sly Spy (Arcade)
29) The Red Star (unreleased XBOX, also on PS2)
30) Adventure Island 4
31) Cocoron
32) Batman: Arkham Knight
33) Xeodrifter (Vita)
34) Doom 2
35) Brandish: The Dark Revenant
36) Magical Pop'n
37) The Ninja Warriors (SNES)
38) Phantasy Star (SMS)
39) Phantasy Star III
40) Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
41) Brandish: The Dark Revenant (Dela Mode)

42) Freedom Planet (Milla, 82 lives lost)
43) Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
44) Lara Croft Go
45) Oniken
46) Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
47) Batman: The Video Game (GB)
48) Batman: The Video Game (NES)
49) Super Spy Hunter



Well, when in doubt, keep playing 8-bit Sunsoft.

Anyway, I didn't do this one legit, although now that I've save-stated the fire out of this one, I'm pretty sure I can. The stages aren't so bad, but the bosses can be brutal until you get the patterns down, and don't expect to win if you haven't maxed out your life bar.

The game's basically a shoot-'em-up, except you have control over the speed of your jet/car/boat. You can pick up various items, but perhaps none more important than the life extender. The one that lets you auto-track enemies is good, too, and you also want the power-up items.


As expected from the NES, there's quite a bit of slowdown here, which actually works in the player's favor more often than not. There's also some tricky Bump 'N' Jump-style sequences, which of course means insta-death if you miss a jump, and likewise the bosses have a few insta-kill shots as well. In other words, lasers suck.



Also, it's Sunsoft, so you better believe that soundtrack is kickin'.
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Re: Games Beaten 2016

by Fragems Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:09 pm

1. 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors (DS)
2. The Order 1886 (PS4)
3. The Division (PS4)
4. Until Dawn (PS4)

Did my first play through today. Probably going to run through it at least 1-2 more times though since I fudged at the end and got almost everyone killed :P. Really solid game I highly recommend it if your into atmospheric horror games.

Only thing I didn't care much for was the constant walking. Seriously you have a psycho trying to kill you and the most you can muster up is a brisk walk wtf people :lol: . The fixed cameras and controls seemed to cause some issues at times though so running might have made things worse.
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Re: Games Beaten 2016

by Xeogred Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:31 pm

Hope to see more fixed camera angles make a comeback! Until Dawn was awesome for sure.
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Re: Games Beaten 2016

by Fragems Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:40 pm

Yeah it was a beautiful game and the cameras were used very well. Only issue I had with them was on a handful of occasions the thumbsticks didn't seem to be tracking right but that usually corrected itself pretty quickly. No clue if it was the camera switches doing that or my controller just being fussy.
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Re: Games Beaten 2016

by PartridgeSenpai Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:42 am

(Dragon Quest) Mori Mori Slime 3 (3DS)

After really loving the first game, I went into this game expecting to love it, and was initially disjointed that it was SO much of the same, but after a little while, I found the things this game in particular has going for it, and came to love it equally along with its predecessor.

Mechanically in terms of how your character moves and how battles generally work, it's exactly the same as rocket slime. You hop and jump around and fling yourself into enemies and items to pick them up and send them back to home base on all of the oodles of rafts and train carts lined across the world. Vehicle battles are still cases of collect the things and put them in cannons while sometimes fighting off intruders/invading their vehicle. Game design, however, is what this game has going for it over the original.

In terms of presentation, it's very silly just as Dragon Quest spin-offs tend to be. The story is about your troupe of friends (who only happen to look exactly like the group of friends from the last game but aren't the same slimes) who sail around the world on adventures. But when the 7 power orbs are stolen by the tail-gang, you're sent on a mission by the king to get them back. It's all just silly fluff and very kiddy: Don't expect to get any engaged by it. It's just glue to hold the stages together. The graphics are also a LOT of reused assets from the last game. Almost every character sprite, aside from the new enemies (about 50% more than the last game had), are reused, although all of the environments are in 3D, so they're all new.

Also, as a side note, the world map is modeled off of Earth, and the racist stereotypes of the bigger stages you go to, especially on the bosses you fight, had me in stitches. The jet-powered flying Statue of Liberty that says things like "Yes I Can!" and "FREEEEEDOM!" and "You've extinguished the flame of freedom..." is probably the reason this game never came out in America XD

Where all of the tank battles in Rocket Slime (2) were story based until the end game (if I recall correctly), Mori Mori Slime 3 has an overworld where you can sail your ship around and get into ship battles with other enemy ships you meet on the map. You sail around this world to the different towns and stages where you do the on foot(?) sections. Another new thing this game has is on-foot bosses, which in turn drop another new feature, super-weapons. When these are fired from your cannon, they bring up a huge animation on the top screen. If they hit, they do tooons of damage and you get another cool animation, but they're fairly easy to deflect, so you've gotta time when they're fired carefully. With the normal very powerful weapons still in the game though, in the very-very endgame, the super-weapons do become a bit obsolete, although not completely.

One of my favorite new features is the new balancing changes that have been made to the battle system. You can customize your ship to get slightly more HP or damage or firing speed, but the biggest part is changing the hull. A new hull means a new layout when you walk around the ship in battles and also different amounts of item dispensers, granted the new ones might be further away. The cannons tend to be a bit more cramped, so you're closer to the cannons more often, especially if you're in the enemy ship harassing them to keep them from firing stuff. However, knock-back is also increased, so getting knocked back into the cannon is much easier, especially with the smarter AI (they actually dodge attacks now). This make the best strategy from the last game of just immediate, constant harassment obsolete, so you HAVE to have actual proper ship battles now.

Several overpowered items have been nerfed as well. No longer do Metal King Shields travel very slowly like normal iron shields. They still absorb 5-hits, but they travel much faster, meaning they burn out quicker and don't provide the incredible defense they used to. There're also more items which just clear out the air through explosions or through weaving through the air between the 2 air-lanes. There's also a new lane: Because you're at sea, you can fire torpedos! They don't add too much because a great majority of items are air-based, but it's one more thing to keep track of. Allll of these ship changes combined with the increased enemy amount (and thus more possible crew-members with unique strengths and abilities) make for a much more varied and fun vehicle battle system which I absolutely love.

The game does have a bit of grinding if you want your ship to be the best it can possibly be, but if you're willing to just collect most everything you come across on foot (which isn't really a hassle) and are willing to retry the harder ship battles once or twice as opposed to just upgrading for more HP or damage, you shouldn't have too much trouble. The end-game content which I'm working my way through now however, is REALLY REALLY hellishly difficult, and requires a lot of grinding to get your ship to max abilities and really kitted out with the best ammunition.

In summary, it's a great sequel that builds well on the previous game's strengths. The only part I'm most sad with is that it does require a pretty good knoledge of kana and vocabulary (thought not Kanji) to understand, and it's a shame that it'll probably never come to English speaking territories for most people to play :(.
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Re: Games Beaten 2016

by Exhuminator Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:56 am

PartridgeSenpai wrote:it's a shame that it'll probably never come to English speaking territories for most people to play :(.

Indeed. As is the case for many Dragon Quest spin-off games.

Kudos to you for beating it though. :D
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Re: Games Beaten 2016

by PartridgeSenpai Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:57 pm

Exhuminator wrote:
PartridgeSenpai wrote:it's a shame that it'll probably never come to English speaking territories for most people to play :(.

Indeed. As is the case for many Dragon Quest spin-off games.

Kudos to you for beating it though. :D

Gasp! Exhuminator Senpai noticed me! *///*

If all goes to plan on getting more Wonderswan games though, expect more Japanese RPG 'reviews' soon :3
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Re: Games Beaten 2016

by MrPopo Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:56 pm

1. Oni - PC
2. Donkey Kong 64 - N64
3. Yoshi's Story - N64
4. Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide - PC
5. Forsaken 64 - N64
6. Bloodrayne: Betrayal - PSN
7. Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu - SNES
8. Fire Emblem Shin Monshō no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no Eiyū - Nintendo DS
9. Valkyria Chronicles 3 - PSP
10. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - DC
11. Rise of the Tomb Raider - PC
12. XCOM 2 - PC
13. Shadowrun Hong Kong Bonus Campaign - PC
14. Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest - 3DS
15. Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright - 3DS
16. Lagrange Point - NES
17. Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations - 3DS
18. Cybernator - SNES
19. Outwars - PC

From the people who brought you Twisted Metal comes a third person shooter based around fully armored marines sporting jetpacks. It ends up being a pretty unique game as a result; Dark Void is the only other TPS I can think of that uses a jetpack so heavily. Overall, the game is pretty rough; it would have been great to see a sequel that improves on the weak spots.

One thing the game definitely does well is in the level design; it's heavily based on your ability to jet around the place and requires you to learn new situational awareness if you're going to do well. Several of the levels also have branching paths that make moving through them more organic.

You have a variety of suits to use; each is a tradeoff between mobility and armor and weaponry. The more heavily armed and armored the less time you get to spend jetting around. The missions are designed so that you definitely want to use the faster stuff on some missions and he heavy stuff on others, so you don't run into the issue of just going with the biggest one each time.

For weaponry you get a blaster with unlimited ammo (but a recharge time before each shot regenerates, slower than the rate of fire), a secondary weapon, then up to two launchers (grenades/missiles) and up to two mine slots. The mines are unfortunately not terribly usable; I would have liked it if the mine and launchers were interchangeable. Maybe the multiplayer makes the mines better.

The biggest problem with the game is that the enemies are nasty in an unfair way. The initial ones are fairly easy to take out, but as you get on in the game they introduce enemies that move around extremely erratically (very hard to hit) and fire swarms of homing shots that trash your health. It makes for a lot of deaths that feel incredibly cheap. Additionally, a few levels are neigh impossible to beat going in blind. Either the aforementioned enemies kill you because you have the wrong weapon loadout or you guessed wrong as to whether the mission is best solved through a blitz or careful movement. There isn't one strategy that applies to each map.

It'd be neat to see a game build on the lessons learned here. As I understand it Dark Void was not that game.
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