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Re: Favorite Shooters

by gennss Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:40 am

Still terribly addicted and in love with Triggerheart. That game is quickly becoming my fave of all time, it just doesn't get old ever!
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Re: Favorite Shooters

by Japhei Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:12 pm

gennss wrote:Still terribly addicted and in love with Triggerheart. That game is quickly becoming my fave of all time, it just doesn't get old ever!

Check out my review of Trigger Heart Exelica. http://japhei.blogspot.com/2008/04/trig ... eview.html
I did it right when the 360 version came out.

I love to play it still on my Dreamcast which I have running in the Candy cabinet Vertical Style.

I will post some pics later

My favorite shmups are:

Under Defeat
Espgaluda 2
Zero Gunner 2
Border Down
Dodonpachi Dai OU Jou
Pro Gear No Arashi
Strikers 1999
Dragon Blaze
Terra Diver
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Only a couple more shots!!!!
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Re: Favorite Shooters

by Doctor Fugue Wed Oct 08, 2008 7:21 pm

elvis wrote:
Doctor Fugue wrote:You can't possibly like those all equally, even considering changing tastes and moods.

It's true I don't like them equally, but choosing a favourite is like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. They all have their pros and cons, and I love them all. If I had to choose one to the exclusion of all others, I'd only regret the choice.

Doctor Fugue wrote:Not to mention the fact that it takes months of dedication to even begin to know one game. :D

Shmups have been my favourite genre since I played my very first one (Vortex Blaster on Sega SC-3000H in 1984). I've played them at best daily, at worst weekly since that day, and they still rank as my most frequently played genre today. I have 24 years worth of "months of dedication". :)

Ah, I see. That makes us about equal in age and experience it seems. It's funny though, that I see my "favourites" (I think I listed six or seven) as being way above the rest of the shooters I play. I enjoy most well-made shooters to death, but some just stick out and I am completely devoted to them.

I don't know how you feel, but even though I have a great deal of nostalgia for the older games, they are just blown out of the water by games from the mid-to-late 90s. The oldest Capcom games just don't do it for me anymore. I need a small hit-box! :lol:

Also, I just noticed that while you have mentioned many great companies, there are no Raizing/8ing games. I have become an immense fan of their games...especially Battle Garegga and Soukyugurentai. (Although I suppose the Ibara games are essentially made by the old Raizing master).
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