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R-Type 2 for gameboy

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:35 am
by blue_veilvet

could it be that R-Type II for the gameboy is quite an obscure game? It was not covered in 101 hardcore gaming's R-Type section, there is no review for it on gamefaqs and I do not find it on ebay. I found a copy on a flea market yesterday. It was a bit strange, being made in China and having a few asian signs on it. However, it just contains the original R-Type 2.

Anyone else here has this game or knows about it?

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 7:02 am
by Doctor Fugue
Hardcore Gaming 101 does in fact mention it on the R-Type page...but only in a short paragraph close to the bottom of the page. They mention 1 and 2 were ported to the original Gameboy separately at first by Bit Studios, and then enhanced and released together in R-Type DX for the Gameboy Color. It also talks about how it looks and plays compared to the arcade, and it says they look pretty good considering the hardware limitations.

I have no idea about the rarity or value.

HG101 R-Type article:

R-Type 2 short description for Gameboy at Moby Games:

Edit: I looked at a few stores online and only saw it once, used, for 2100 Yen...around 20 US.