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New Wii Shooter - Blast Works

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:55 am
by LoneCynic
This game came out yesterday, and I picked it up post haste. It is an innovative horizontal shooter where you fly into enemy units you shoot down and add it to your own. You press one button to fire, and another to retract all your attached parts. These fall off if hit by enemy fire, so you have to juggle between just your ship to dodge bullets, and extending out your attachments to unleash superior firepower. Feels gimmicky on your first attempt, but there is a lot of strategy involved once you get the hang of it. I had so many things attached on one level that it filled the entire screen! I could just fly around and I killed more things and they auto attached than what was falling off due to enemy fire. It is a unique shooter that everyone should try out.

On top of that, Blast Works has a built in editor mode that allows you to design levels, enemy units, your own spaceship, bullet patterns, and many other aspects to create your own shooter! Then you can share your custom content via Wii wi-fi connection. I can't wait to see what else other people come up with, should be exciting.

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 1:08 am
by Doctor Fugue
How different is it from the original 2004 game TUMIKI Fighters? I suppose the big difference is the editor, which is probably pretty cool.

Anyway, the original is free software and is available for PC, Mac and Linux. It's fun at first, but I got tired of it quickly.

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:03 am
by LoneCynic
Must be somewhat similar, but I did read somewhere that the game you mentioned was an unlockable on Blast Works.

Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2008 6:30 pm
by baphomet_irl
surely the editor cant be as good as this though:


Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:59 pm
by LoneCynic
It seems fairly intricate, just extremely time consuming. Image