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Castle of Shikigami II - High scores

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:38 pm
by ChrisHaha2049
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Castle Shikigami 2...aka Shikigami no Shiro 2...

Default settings, 1 credit...the usual stuff. All platforms accepted.
"Normal" game...(will make chart for "Extreme" game if warranted).

Scores kept for each separate character.
(I took the liberty of compiling scores posted in the January 2013 SotM topic.)

(Please submit scores in this format):

2,570,104,100 - hashiriya1 - stage 5-1 - Kuga - PS2
2,545,927,060 - Chempop - stage 4-2 - Kuga - PS2
2,320,127,780 - ChrisH2049 - stage 4-2 - Kuga2 - DC
1,692,983,530 - DocHauser - stage 4-1 - Kuga1 - DC
1,672,697,970 - Ivo - stage 4-1 - Kuga1 - PC
1,572,029,340 - dunpeal2064 - stage 3-1 - Kuga - DC
1,492,526,980 - skate323k137 - stage 3-2 - Kuga1 - NAOMI
1,393,537,440 - JEP - stage 4-1 - Kuga - DC
1,381,125,400 - ZenErik - stage 3-2 - Kuga - PS2
1,320,055,160 - mjmjr25 - stage 3-2 - Kuga - DC

1,320,138,650 - ChrisH2049 - stage 4-1 - Sayo1 - DC
1,037,397,530 - hashiriya1 - stage 3-1 - Sayo - PS2
500,894,620 - noiseredux - stage 3-1 - Sayo - DC
351,025,930 - NesimLE - stage 2-1 - Sayo - PS2

1,380,698,920 - hashiriya1 - stage 3-2 - Hyuga - PS2
1,051,324,250 - ChrisH2049 - stage 3-2 - Hyuga2 - DC
786,041,880 - mjmjr25 - stage 3-1 - Hyuga - DC
331,426,090 - o.pwuaioc - stage 2-2 - Hyuga2 - PS2

1,239,088,750 - ChrisH2049 - stage 4-1 - Mini Fumiko1 - DC
347,007,840 - noiseredux - stage 2-2 - Fumiko1 - DC

1,994,050,150 - skate323k137 - stage 5-1 - Kim2 - NAOMI
1,749,333,800 - ChrisH2049 - stage 4-2 - Kim2 - DC
1,666,476,750 - hashiriya1 - stage 4-1 - Kim2 - PS2
891,644,840 - noiseredux - stage 3-1 - Kim1 - DC

1,394,393,970 - ChrisH2049 - stage 4-1 - Niigi1 - DC
815,015,140 - hashiriya1 - stage 3-1 - Niigi1 - PS2

1,226,786,050 - ChrisH2049 - stage 4-1 - Roger1 - DC
968,507,810 - hashiriya1 - stage 3-2 - Roger2 - PS2

Re: Castle of Shikigami II - High scores

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:42 pm
by ChrisHaha2049
To start, improvement on the 1st character I used back in SotM...
And come to realize how difficult this Shinto girl is to use.... Have to take huge risks in using her shiki by getting close to enemies for any hope of x8 action...OR shoot from distance and severely limit collecting coins. Either way, tough to score high with her. I've tried both her shiki types...I always do better with type 1, in both score and survival.

ChrisH2049 - 1,320,138,650 - Stage 4-1 - Sayo1 - DC

And finally gave Kim a go. I had a difficult time at first getting the hang of controlling his type2 shiki, but I think I see now how it's the better type. I could get to liking this guy...

ChrisH2049 - 1,440,966,080 - Stage 4-1 - Kim2 - DC

Re: Castle of Shikigami II - High scores

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:42 pm
by noiseredux
woah, thanks Chris!

Re: Castle of Shikigami II - High scores

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:51 pm
by mjmjr25
yeah, no kidding, awesome!

For your sanity, i'd prob limit each character to a top 5 or top 10 maybe.

Re: Castle of Shikigami II - High scores

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:55 am
by ChrisHaha2049
Your welcome!
Yeah. I may eventually keep just top 10s if it ever comes to that. Somehow I think it'll probably only apply to Kohtarou though...and I might cut that chart to 10 soon anyway.

I wasn't that big a fan of this game at first, but it's grown on me. A lot of depth in the different characters. Doubt I'll ever 1cc the game with any of them though. That last stage is hellish... But my goal for now is to score at least 1billion for every character (2billion with Kuga), and perhaps at least make it to stage 5... We'll see.

Re: Castle of Shikigami II - High scores

Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:58 pm
by ChrisHaha2049
Giving more characters some love...

1,051,324,250 - ChrisH2049 - stage 3-2 - Hyuga2 - DC
I don't like sunglasses dude much. Don't know why exactly. It's just every other character is more interesting. Maybe I'm missing something. Anyway, broke that 1billion barrier with him, albeit barely, and that's that.

674,707,120 - ChrisH2049 - stage 3-1 - Fumiko1 - DC
Wow. I thought Sayo was difficult to use... Fumiko is going to be tough to break 1billion with. Definitely not a beginner's character. On the plus side, her weaponry seems quite strong...if you're able to "aim" it correctly. Normal shot and type-1 shiki killed the (early) bosses pretty fast. However, I've NO idea how you're supposed to use her type-2 effectively...

884,040,610 - ChrisH2049 - stage 3-1 - Niigi1 - DC
Gorgeous Blue-haired gal is quickly becoming my fave. Her bullet reflection shiki is awesome, and it inflicts damage. So you can get some close up grazing action AND release absorbed bullets at distant enemies. I even love her bomb! Seems to me that her type-2 shiki would be better played with a stick. Unfortunately I don't have one that's worth a damn. But type-1 is good too, and definitely easier with the pad. Breaking 1billion with her should be no problem...if I can just be more careful with the avoidable hits. Fun character.

Re: Castle of Shikigami II - High scores

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:24 am
by ChrisHaha2049
1,394,393,970 - ChrisH2049 - Stage 4-1 - Niigi1 - DC
Unbelievable. Got all the way to stage 4-1 without taking a single hit...then completely fell apart. I'm far too careless in trying to play Niigi aggressively; losing track of what's going on in the heat of things, and/or oftentimes just run into a lone bullet. So stupid! Even on good runs, it always happens eventually. Still this character should be my ticket to finally passing 4-1 for the first time...If I can ever control myself...

1,226,786,050 - ChrisH2049 - Stage 4-1 - Roger1 - DC
I like Roger. Still not sure which shiki type I prefer though. Both seem good in their own particular situations. Generally I find type-1 better against bosses, and type-2 better during the stage. But both have a hell of a time in stage 3-1. I practically 'bomb' the whole way through, which is fine because his bomb pretty much sucks for power.

968,045,470 - ChrisH2049 - Stage 3-2 - Mini Fumiko1 - DC
I can't see any significant difference between Kid Fumiko and Adult Fumiko, other than their "story" sequences. They have the exact same weaponry, same shiki types and firepower. They play the same, so I'd guess their scores should be the same...Yet the game keeps them separate. Well I'm not. Closing in on 1billion.

Re: Castle of Shikigami II - High scores

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:11 pm
by mjmjr25
That's impressive w/Mini Fumoko - nice. I think my high w/her was like 450K.

Keep at it - I hope to get back at this again soon. So many shmups, not enough time...

Re: Castle of Shikigami II - High scores

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:30 am
by ChrisHaha2049
Thank you! Getting better at placing Fumiko's shiki to destroy most of the bigger enemies has been key. Gets quite tricky at the 3-1 boss in destroying the red cubes though. But 1billion isn't looking as daunting as I first thought. Still, a tough character, and that's OK...

So many shmups, not enough time...

I hear ya there. A lot of games these past few months I keep intending to get back to as well. And I'd like to submit some entries to the Strikers thread soon. And now AERO FIGHTERS, too! So little time...

Re: Castle of Shikigami II - High scores

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:35 pm
by mjmjr25
I try to mix it up until one grabs me. Lately i've been sorta jumping one to the other to see if I feel like I understand that particular game better this go round and can get some solid improvement.