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Almana no kiseki /Miracle of armana MMC1 hack FDS conversion

by secretsofmana Thu Nov 12, 2020 3:12 pm

I bought a reproduction of Almana no kiseki from ebay & I’m wondering if anyone knows the how much PRG & CHR for dumping? The PCB is cheap and nasty and I want to pop it onto a muramasa pcb or infinite Nes lives
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Re: Almana no kiseki /Miracle of armana MMC1 hack FDS conver

by Ziggy587 Thu Nov 12, 2020 5:22 pm

Are you asking how large the PRG and CHR ROMs are? I don't know, but as a last resort you could always trial and error using common sizes. Are the mask ROM(s) on the cart glop tops?

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Re: Almana no kiseki /Miracle of armana MMC1 hack FDS conver

by Anapan Fri Nov 13, 2020 11:54 pm

I get my repro Famicom carts from user krzy on Famicom World - Krzy's Corner Shop. He's very talented with anything to do with nintendo hardware and repairs. If you send him a PM, I'm sure he could help. His prices are so cheap, I usually end up ordering a few more repros. I found him because he had hacked the 100 in 1 Contra Function 16 rom to work on his repro board (I was searching for that multicart forever, but could never buy it). He also made me repros of two 2 megabyte bootleg famicom rom translations - Pokemon Yellow & Final Fantasy VII with working battery save function.

Found a .NES rom in a folder named "EverDrive N8\2 Unlicensed - A-Z\Unsupported or Glitches\Non-Booting\". Dunno if it'll help you. Apparently Motzilla did a succesful conversion. A couple of discussion threads on how here and here
The last time I wanted to have a FDS to NES rom conversion, I helped Loopy do the conversion by finding a bootleg rom with crap hacked graphics and he was able to restore the original with full functionality in .nes format.

No matter what, you'll lack the extra audio channel. You might want to look into buying a Famicom RAM adapter - HVC-023, a FDSStick (Loopy made this), and an Extended Famicom converter, then mod your toaster with ENIO or even better an expansion audio mod with a 100k potentiometer (normally expansion audio is mixed on the cart, so different games have different volumes - that's why you'd want a volume adjust). Then you can fully experience all the FDS translations on your NES.
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