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Flashpoint - massive Shockwave game archival project

by Anapan Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:59 am


They hack and/or spoof (via local webserver redirect) games that require streaming or authentication so they all run in a custom-made offline portal. Very cool!

They recently added the entire newgrounds. They're alo taking requests on the Discord server. This download is gonna take some time tho...

I found it because I was looking again to see if anyone had gotten Rokko-Chan running offline yet so I could add it to my arcade cabinet and run it full screen on a CRT@224p from a frontend and... YES! This guy did it, along with thousands of other games and videos. Hope they got CLOP and the newest version of Super Mario Crossover as well.

edit: someone made a standalone version of Rokko-Chan using the files from flashpoint. Download here:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M0ehE1 ... hu38d/view
I finally got Rokko-Chan working properly 1:1 in full screen 256x224 using some utilities. Too bad about the page tearing, but that's a small issue. I expect most other flash games will be able to be run the same way so I can add the good ones in a semi-automated process to my arcade cab. I was worried it'd be harder and I'd have to do some SWF disassembly myself (well, I already tried it several times and failed), but these guys did all the hard stuff.

I've included the necessary files for using it at double resolution (512x448 - the native resolution of the SWF game actually) which should work with unmodified drivers on most PC monitors. Someone using these files will have to create that (custom) resolution in their video card's driver, change to that resolution, then make the xml configuration file for Display changer II by using this command in a command prompt
dc2.exe -create="512.xml"
included is the game Fabian created from flashpoint, AutoHotKey and scripts to make ESC send an ALT-F4, NirCmd to send a delayed CTRL+F key-combo to make Flash Projector full screen, and Display Changer II which executes the game in a custom resolution, then changes the resolution back after the game has exited.
These are all run in sequence from a batch file that I run from my Cab's frontend
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Re: Flashpoint - massive Shockwave game archival project

by samsonlonghair Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:31 pm

I’m really glad this sort of thing exists for future preservation of gaming history.

Sometime in the next two or three years Adobe will end all support for flash. It won’t be long afterwards that web browsers stop loading flash due to security concerns. We could reasonably speculate that flash games will go extinct within five years. The flash files left online will be infected with malicious code. Offline repositories will be our only way to preserve these games.

Has anyone started backing up the interactive version of Homestar Runner? I know that a lot of the cartoons made their way into YouTube, but the interactive Easter eggs are half the fun!
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