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Badminton Video Game - PC & Android

Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2021 4:19 pm
by RoyEXP
Badminton players and fans of old arcade games, we started this game from a blank sheet of paper. After several years we can finally deliver a version finally playable and advanced with a gameplay, the possibility to do trainings and challenges to improve, tournaments.

We would like this version (the fifth one) to be the starting point of an adventure where we will be able to make this game even more enjoyable to play while taking into account your comments/ideas.

Features :
- 6 player skills that you can improve through exercises and matches (Drop, Clear, Serve, Speed, Drive-Smash and Stamina)
- 16 training exercises to learn the basic strokes and footworks of your player.
- 16 matches against opponents of different levels to progress in the game
- 16 tournaments around the world to get stronger

In the beginning you will have to do long training sessions. You will find your player slow with rather light strokes but this is necessary to learn how to control your player. Then you can start matches against stronger and stronger opponents as challenges arise. And finally, once you have acquired enough skills, you will be able to participate in tournaments.

Regular updates will be added to the game. Don't hesitate to share your remarks, bugs or improvements, we will be very sensitive to it.

A Windows PC version is now available, with a playable demo.

Keys are :
- Mouse to navigate the menus
- ' W ' for a Clear Stroke
- ' X ' for a Drop Stroke
- ' C ' for a Drive or a Smash Stroke
- Arrows Keys to direct the player and his stroke

Full Game
ITCH.IO PC Windows & ANDROID Versions
GOOGLE PLAY ... cileco.bpg ANDROID Version

ITCH.IO PC Windows & ANDROID Versions
GOOGLE PLAY ... pgDm&gl=FR ANDROID Version