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Raging Justice
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Sonic Origins

by Raging Justice Thu Jun 23, 2022 1:15 am

Well, it has arrived. Maybe the most interesting release since Mania. Continuing a very retro month with this, Shredder's Revenge, and some other retro releases too like Shadowrun, the PC Bladerunner game, and all the recent PS 1 classics releases, which contrary to a lot of gaming sites, can be purchased outside of the PSPlus program as I bought Ape Escape and Wild Arms for 10 bucks each.


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Re: Sonic Origins

by Anapan Sat Jun 25, 2022 8:58 pm

I'd like to get the PC release, but the Devuno DRM is causing slowdown randomly at any point in gameplay for a lot of people. I kind of want to have it rendering at 4K, so that leaves the Switch version out. Also I still can't figure out if it definitely plays at 60FPS on Switch; Mania has a solid 60FPS, and it's the same engine, but the advertising blatantly leaves that out. I guess the PS4 version is my only option.
Just watching RedHotSonic livestreaming it. He's found a lot of differences so-far, but all-in-all it looks to play a lot better than the Steam reviews led me to believe.

Edit: Further investigation - the proper music can be modded into the PC version, so without the DRM destroying the gameplay, that's the only version to get.
Does the Epic Store release have Devuno too?
Edit2: Halfway through the 6 hour livestream and he's gotten 2 Blue Screens. It's pretty crashy :(
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