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PS1 - Known and Unknown Greatest Hits Revisions

by p68 Tue Jun 08, 2021 10:37 am

Hi all,

I started making a list of known and unknown changes with some Greatest Hits (GH) versions of PS1 games. Why? Well, either my Google Fu sucks (possible..) or there just aren't any concise, easily found sources (unlike CRTGAMER's excellent PS2 guide on this).

Why focus on GH? Although there were some cases where revisions were added to some black label copies, GH versions are guaranteed to have them.

I started by reaching out to the Reddit community, then I also added games all games reported by as having different versions on their GH releases. The Google Sheet is here. As you may see, for the majority of games, I do not currently have any information for what was changed. I think it's fair to assume bug fixes and typos are most likely.

Now, I'm not here just to share but make a simple request. If y'all have any details/corrections regarding notable changes to any of these releases, please share! It would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: PS1 - Known and Unknown Greatest Hits Revisions

by Nemoide Tue Jun 08, 2021 11:24 pm

I don't really have anything to add, but I appreciate this focus on Greatest Hits games! For a while I've aimed at collecting them over the standard releases because they're usually less expensive AND may have those bug fixes! I never buy multiple copies of a game when I can avoid it though, so I'm mostly relying on blind faith that the game I'm playing is potentially actually improved somehow.
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Re: PS1 - Known and Unknown Greatest Hits Revisions

by prfsnl_gmr Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:46 am

Yes. This is super cool. I am curious to read what else you learn about this.
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Raging Justice
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Re: PS1 - Known and Unknown Greatest Hits Revisions

by Raging Justice Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:34 pm

I love seeing things like this. No one ever thinks to do them.

I love projects that require deep research. It keeps us all informed and knowledgeable about what we buy.
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Re: PS1 - Known and Unknown Greatest Hits Revisions

by nightrnr Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:14 am

Is this link useful to you?

It mostly focuses on variant packaging, but maybe you are more looking for changes made to the game content itself.

Still relevant to the topic, I think.
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