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3 on 3 Bar Room Blitz

by funk_Farmer Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:36 pm

So here's what's up. You're out on the town down at the local pub with 3 of your best fictional video game friends just having a rowdy time. There's another dude with 3 of his fictional video game friends also having a rowdy time that just isn't jiving with you and your crew. You get into a fight, because Saturday night's alright for fightin'. What 3 video game characters would you want on your side in a bar fight against 3 other video game characters?

Pick 3 video game characters to fight another person's pick of 3 video game characters.

Maybe we can hide our picks behind a spoiler so people can't scroll through and see what they're up against.

Try not to pick someone ridiculously OP. No final bosses like Ultimacia or some crazy stuff, this isn't a battle for the world it's just a scuffle down at the local pub.

I can't think of any other rules because there aren't any! Hammer down that last round and let's get it on!

[spoiler]Bomberman - make a bomb any size
Duke Nukem - I'd more than likely be drinking with this guy anyways so he'd just be there ready, like a good ol' friend should be
Bayonetta - because... because.
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