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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by pierrot Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:01 pm

ElkinFencer10 wrote:Panzer Dragoon Mini

No offence, Elkin, but I've seen some of the stuff you've subjected yourself to, and I'm willing to chock this one up to a high-water mark for your inhuman tolerance to bad games. I don't think I would disagree that PD Mini is a playable game, but it's hard for me to imagine anyone would actually enjoy it. It's obviously meant for little kids, so I'm really not the target audience for it, but I found it to be just about the most boring half-hour or so I've ever spent playing a game that wasn't called "Mickey's Ultimate Challenge." (Technically I think I only spent half that amount of time playing through Mickey's Ultimate Challenge, though.)

I guess it's good that at least someone enjoyed PD Mini. Just can't say I did.

nullPointer wrote:Despite the fact that sometimes the puzzles are a bit overly specific (I feel like there are a few puzzles in the game that only accept one answer as the 'correct' one where multiple answers could technically be correct), there's nothing resembling full on moon logic here.

I played the Japanese version two years ago, and actually did not come away with a very positive opinion of the series, in retrospect. Part of it was how much the developers seemed to try to squeeze every last bit of utility out of one or two different pieces of evidence, even though the logical hoops one would have to jump through to arrive at the destination they seemed to hope for felt completely baffling to me at times. I left this note in my backloggery entry for the game, but don't entirely recall what it refers to: "Why didn't he just throw the plans away? It's so dumb." I'm assuming that was in the last chapter, although I don't entirely remember what the last chapter even was. The main case I remember was the one on the bridge, and I remember just being furious at the game for some of the crap it pulled with the evidence for that case, and all of the holes in the scenario plot. I think I was really upset with the defendant in that one, but I don't totally recall why. I also remember a little of the flamboyant frenchman, just for how bad a stereotype he was. In conclusion, I don't find the games really memorable at all, even though there are some memorable characters.

I played the first two games back in about '06, and really liked them back then, but after finishing Gyakuten Saiban 3, I felt a little like the series was not really that great as a "game" series. If you haven't played Ghost Trick, I would highly recommend it, though. Ghost trick is like what would happen if everything about PW/GS were done perfectly. Better music, better gameplay, better puzzles, better story, better characters, more interesting graphical style. It's ace. I think Phoenix Wright has some fun characters, and all, but the third game was pretty disappointing for me.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by ElkinFencer10 Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:48 pm

pierrot wrote:I've seen some of the stuff you've subjected yourself to....

pierrot wrote:...your inhuman tolerance to bad games

Oh, you flatter me. :wink:
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by pierrot Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:44 am

ElkinFencer10 wrote:Oh, you flatter me. :wink:

Totally meant to. It's a skill. I hope the top of your resume reads, 'I played Ride to Hell: Retribution of my own free will, and without performing a frontal lobotomy on myself with an ice-pick in the process.' They don't always know it, but that's exactly what every employer wants.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by ElkinFencer10 Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:31 pm

Games Beaten in 2018 So Far - 92
* denotes a replay

January (16 Games Beaten)
1. Phantasy Star Portable - PlayStation Portable - January 1
2. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Xbox One - January 9
3. Duck Tales - NES - January 10
4. Yakuza Kiwami - PlayStation 4 - January 14
5. Xuan-Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament - PlayStation 4 - January 20
6. Doki Doki Literature Club - Steam - January 20
7. Deep Space Waifu - Steam - January 21
8. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter - Steam - January 21
9. Duck Tales 2 - NES - January 22
10. TaleSpin - NES - January 22
11. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers - NES - January 23
12. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 - NES - January 24
13. Global Defence Force - PlayStation 2 - January 24
14. Darkwing Duck - NES - January 25
15. Tiny Toon Adventures - NES - January 26
16. Poi - Steam - January 28

February (18 Games Beaten)
17. Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD - Steam - February 3
18. Final Fantasy Legend - Game Boy - February 5
19. Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni - Vita - February 5
20. Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo - 3DS - February 8
21. Adventures in Equica: Unicorn Training - Android - February 8
22. Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - SNES - February 10
23. X-COM: UFO Defense - Steam - February 14
24. Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys -TurboGrafx-CD - February 18
25. Army Men - Game Boy Color - February 19
26. Army Men 2 - Game Boy Color - February 19
27. Army Men: Air Combat - Game Boy Color - February 20
28. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd - PlayStation Portable - February 22
29. Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 - Game Boy Color - February 22
30. Army Men Advance - Game Boy Advance - February 24
31. Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn - PlayStation 3 - February 25
32. Army Men: Operation Green - Game Boy Advance - February 26
33. A Night Out - PC - February 27
34. Army Men: Turf Wars - Game Boy Advance - February 27

March (10 Games Beaten)
35. Phantasy Star - Master System - March 10*
36. Grand Kingdom - PlayStation 4 - March 17
37. Bit.Trip Beat - Wii - March 18
38. Bit.Trip Core - Wii - March 18
39. Bit.Trip Void - Wii - March 18
40. Bit.Trip Runner - Wii - March 22
41. Bit.Trip Fate - Wii - March 22
42. Bit.Trip Flux - Wii - March 24
43. Bit.Trip Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien - Wii U - March 25
44. My Nintendo Picross: Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess - 3DS - March 28

April (7 Games Beaten)
45. Gundam Breaker 3 - PlayStation 4 - April 4
46. Night Trap - PlayStation 4 - April 5
47. Corpse Killer - Sega CD 32X - April 9
48. Corpse Killer - Saturn - April 11*
49. Area 51 - Saturn - April 16*
50. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - Sega CD - April 17
51. SD Gundam G Generation Genesis - PlayStation 4 - April 28*

May (6 Games Beaten)
52. Detention - PlayStation 4 - May
53. Guacamelee - Wii U - May 6
54. EDGE - Wii U - May 7
55. RUSH - Wii U - May 9
56. Pokemon Snap - Nintendo 64 - May 27
57. Doom VFR - PS VR - May 27

June (20 Games Beaten)
58. Jurassic Pinball - Switch - June 8
59. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn - Switch - June 9
60. Lost Sphear - Switch - June 11
61. Medal of Honor Heroes 2 - Wii - June 12
62. Medal of Honor: Vanguard - Wii - June 14
63. Pokemon Quest - Switch - June 15
64. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - 3DS - June 17
65. Art of Balance - Wii U - June 17
66. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - Switch - June 18
67. DmC Devil May Cry - PlayStation 4 - June 19
68. DmC Devil May Cry: Vergil's Downfall - PlayStation 4 - June 19
69. Assassin's Creed Rogue - PlayStation 3 - June 20
70. Assassin's Creed Unity - Xbox One - June 21
71. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China - Xbox One - June 22
72. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India - Xbox One - June 23
73. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia - Xbox One - June 24
74. New Gundam Breaker - PlayStation 4 - June 24
75. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard - PlayStation 3 - June 25
76. Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Xbox One - June 29
77. Ride to Hell: Retribution - Xbox 360 - June 30

July (8 Games Beaten)
78. Broforce - PlayStation 4 - July 4
79. Just Cause 2 - PlayStation 3 - July 4
80. Barack Fu: The Adventures of Dirty Barry - Switch - July 5
81. Organ Trail - PlayStation 4 - July 5
82. Red Dead Revolver - Xbox - July 7
83. Omega Quintet - PlayStation 4 - July 13
84. Super Mario Sunshine - Gamecube - July 16
85. Nurse Love Addiction - Vita - July 17

August (4 Games Beaten)
86. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - PS4 - August 3
87. Life is Strange: Before the Storm - PS4 - August 3
88. Game of Thrones - PS4 - August 5
89. Star Trek - Steam - August 6

September (1 Game Beaten)
90. Pokemon Vega - Game Boy Advance - September 18

October (2 Games Beaten)
91. Panzer Dragoon Mini - Game Gear - October 5
92. Advance Wars - Game Boy Advance - October 7

92. Advance Wars - Game Boy Advance - October 7


Advance Wars seems like the first in the series to those of us in the West, but it's actually an entry in a long running series called Famicom Wars; this is just the first entry that got localized. It's a turn based strategy game, but don't confuse with a SRPG like Fire emblem because Advance Wars has none of the traditional RPG mechanics such as levels or experience or changeable weapons. It's much closer to a 4X strategy game; you take control of cities and factories, manage your resources, and build up your units while balancing power and cost.


One of the big differences between Advance Wars and most strategy games like it is the tone of the story. It's story is inherently fairly silly. The nations involved are Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth. The COs are all unique and have their goof eccentricities, but none of them really give off a "serious" realistic vibe you would expect from an army general. While it's obviously understood, the concept of death is never mentioned explicitly; your units just fly off screen during the battle animations, and when a unit is defeat, it just explodes and disappears. No blood, no gore, no remains. It's about as non-offensive a presentation as war could possibly have.


The basic story is that you play as Orange Star fighting off an invasion from Blue Moon. As you're pushing back Blue Moon's advance and retaking Orange Star territory, you end up a couple of skirmishes with Green Earth. Eventually, you find yourself fighting Yellow Comet, too, and start to realize that something's off about the whole situation. That's as far as I'll go into the story, but it's a pretty decent story despite being fairly silly all around. The characters are likable, and the frivolous world minimizes the importance of lore. While I personally consider that to be a negative, it does allow one to jump straight into the action without worrying about each nation's background or anything.


Advance Wars is a fun, fairly light hearted strategy game. It starts off extremely easy, but the last three or four missions will provide some legitimate challenge (especially the last one, dear god). It's not a gritty, serious war story, so if that's what you're wanting, look elsewhere, but the strategy gameplay is solid, and it's definitely a lot of fun to play. You can also save in the middle of battles, so it's perfect for short bursts (or save scumming if you're like me and suck at games). Given the ease of access on Wii U, I'd definitely recommend a playthrough for folks who enjoy strategy games especially if you're also a general fan of Nintendo.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by GSZX1337 Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:54 pm

I haven't bothered keeping track of the games I've beaten this year (or last year), but I felt the need to rave about Loom for Windows. It was originally an MS-DOS title, but I played the Steam rerelease which is the 1992 CD version. I really dug this game as I liked its story-telling despite not knowing about the cassette that was included in the box for the original release, as well as for its mechanics. I don't normally go for Fantasy stories (I'm a Sci-Fi guy), but I really liked this story as it was presented in the way that shows just how effective Point & Click Adventures are with stories. By experiencing Bobbin's journey to magic mastery instead of just watching it gives me an appreciation for the character.

The mechanics really piqued my interest as this is the first Adventure I've played that doesn't have an inventory system. Instead, Bobbin acquires spells that are cast by playing notes on a magic distaff. By doing this, the problems of pixel-hunting and obscure item interactions are solved. Instead of dragging every item in the inventory on top of the thing I want to interact with I just press keys to see if a spell would create the desired effect. This is much faster and less frustrating than the former. According to Wikipedia, this is the first LucasArts game to employ the philosophy of not having deaths or dead ends. I always appreciated this philosophy, and it's a pleasure to see the game that supposedly started it all employs it in near perfect fashion. I say near perfect because there was a section with the dragon where a sequence flashes to instruct the player on how to cast the sleep spell. I remembered it immediately, but I'd imagine plenty of players got stuck and had to reload because I couldn't find any way to get the sequence to show again. It's still much better than Sierra's tendency to kill you every other screen, though.

This is a great Point & Click that anyone interested in the genre should try out. I've been thinking about making a game in Adventure Game Studio, and this game gave me an idea for what to have in it instead of an inventory. It's too bad the sequels never happened.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by nullPointer Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:32 pm

pierrot wrote:If you haven't played Ghost Trick, I would highly recommend it, though. Ghost trick is like what would happen if everything about PW/GS were done perfectly. Better music, better gameplay, better puzzles, better story, better characters, more interesting graphical style. It's ace.

This definitely sounds interesting! I'll have to add it (along with that Harvey Birdman title) to my ever expanding, rarely shrinking, backlog of cool sounding games!

Hey at least my review backlog is slowly shrinking at a rate which (barely) exceeds the rate at which I'm beating games! To that end:

The List So Far:

26. Gunstar Heroes [GEN] [Together Retro - Welcome To Treasure Island - 09/2018]
Image Image

Prior to playing Gunstar Heroes I had only a vague familiarity with Treasure's back catalog of titles. And while Gunstar Heroes isn't necessarily representative of the entire Treasure oeuvre, I think it does expose some elements of the 'Treasure philosophy' of game design.

Gunstar Heroes is a thrill-ride run-n-gun that focuses on fun above all else. In a lot of ways I was reminded of Metal Slug in this capacity, although that's not necessarily a great comparison due to the fact that Gunstar Heroes predates Metal Slug by three years. Still, I can't help but wonder whether Gunstar Heroes helped to inform some of the gameplay elements that would later appear in Metal Slug. Namely, the action in Gunstar Heroes is fairly constant. If you're removing your finger from the trigger for even an instant it probably means that you're not shooting at some enemy onscreen. If you like your run-n-guns a bit on the frenetic side, this game doesn't disappoint. Furthermore, Gunstar Heroes has that satisfying feeling of bombast one finds in a Metal Slug game. While it doesn't focus on the type of spectacle you might find in a Contra title, enemies are typically dispatched in satisfying displays of color and sound. It really needs to be said that Gunstar Heroes is a treat for the senses. Big bold colors and well executed graphics (skewing towards the cartoon-ish) lend themselves to a unique and compelling visual style. It's not overly complicated and ornate, but nor is it simplistic and childlike. The visuals are executed precisely in such a way as to keep the player focused on the gameplay itself (where arguably it belongs in the first place) and not to serve as a distraction. I'd say the same can be said of the sound design as well.

Image Image

And once again, the gameplay is a solid experience. Gunstar Heroes is a game that's easy to pick up and play (a quality I found lacking in Alien Soldier, which is probably its closest comparison in the Treasure stable). At the same time, it's a game that can be difficult to master. Gunstar Heroes has a surprisingly deep moveset and power-up system, to say nothing of its sudden and unexpected divergences into shmup territory late in the game (more on that in a sec). At any given time in the game you can carry two separate weapon power-ups. What's interesting about this is that you can combine different power-ups to yield new and different weapon hybrids. So combining the Flame gun with the Chaser gun will yield a Homing Flamethrower for example. With four different base weapon types, this gives the player a total of 10 different possible weapon hybrids to experiment with (since each base weapon can be combined with itself to yield a more powerful version of the base). I'm quite sure that various combinations are more effective in specific situations, but having said that, I completed the game entirely with the same (admittedly boring) combination, Force + Force.

Image Image

One of the things I've learned about Treasure is that they're a bit well known for their focus on boss fights. And while Gunstar Heroes has some really nice level segments, I would say that it's still the boss fights which take center stage. The bosses here are inventive and occasionally quite challenging, particularly as you get late in the game. This of course culminates late in the game as a boss rush level prior to fighting the final boss proper. Now I'm not a huge fan of boss rush segments, but the clever boss designs and solid gameplay here does indeed take some of the sting away. Be warned though, the last boss is a toughie! I have to wonder whether a 'smarter' weapon combination might have proven more effective against the last boss.

Another gameplay aspect that's a bit of a mixed bag for me is when a game throws a curve ball and suddenly changes format late in the game. And Gunstar Heroes indulges in this particular aspect. Oh you thought this was a run-n-gun? Well now you're playing a shmup sucker! And the shmup segment here is … interesting. On one hand it plays surprisingly similar to the run-n-gun segments, at least in so far as directional firing and so forth. On the other hand, this is so drastically different feeling than almost any other shmup I've played, that the result for this gamer was a feeling of whiplash (and not to mention a few lost lives) before I was able to acclimate myself. While some would say the 'board game' level is the weak point in this title, for me it was this shmup section. Still and all though, we are talking about the same company that would go on to create Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun, so it's shortsighted to say they didn't have the chops to pull off some great feeling shmups. I think my feelings on this level can mostly be chalked up to the fact that I just suck at shmups, lol.

Image Image

At any rate Gunstar Heroes is good, really good in fact. If you're a fan of run-n-guns, I'd even go so far as to call this required playing. It adds some inventive tweaks to the classic run-n-gun formula which in turn make that formula feel fresh and interesting.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by nullPointer Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:28 pm

Dudes. Sorry for the double post action, but I'm inching ever more closely to having my games beaten backlog cleared out. On to the next title!

The List So Far:

27. Koudelka [PSX] [Sacnoth September]
Image Image

Now we're getting into it! My review backlog is finally starting to catch up with games that suit the spirit of the Halloween season. I've never played a Shadow Hearts game and prior to playing Koudelka all I really knew was that it serves as the direct precursor to the Shadow Hearts series. After having beaten it, I'm really looking forward to delving more deeply into this series. But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

At the time Koudelka was released, there was a marked trend that games should be 'mature', and Koudelka certainly adheres to that philosophy. But where many 'mature' games from this era flew to close to the sun and subsequently dissolved into 'tryhard edgelord hillarity', Koudelka largely hits its intended target of 'mature gothic horror'. This game is both serious and grim, and there's very little content here to lighten the mood. It's oppressive and dark. And it's all the better for it, because it does it in a way that actually works. Koudelka deftly applies techniques from the Gothic Horror playbook in a way that rarely feels heavy handed or forced. And a great deal of that success can be attributed to the story. It all takes place in a Welsh monastery with a long history of tragedy and the macabre. The story takes its time and unfolds slowly by means of several great CGI vignettes, found letters and diaries, character exposition and so forth, all of which help build out the story details and mood. It eventually develops into this great story of Gothic tragedy and horror, exploring concepts of 19th century Christian piety and unrequited love among others. I need to mention that perhaps more than any other game I've played (with the possible exception of Wisdom Tree titles, lol), Koudelka is incredibly nuanced in its treatment of Christian themes. It's not dismissive or flippant in this treatment (as opposed to a lot of Japanese games), but nor does it handle the subject with kid gloves. I found this to be an interesting and compelling aspect of the game. It is worth mentioning however that the primary character who serves as the 'lens' for Christianity frequently 'overplays' the part, due both to script and delivery. So I guess that part kind of stands out, but all the same I found this overarching theme to be an interesting element of the game. The monastery setting really serves as a great backdrop in support of these themes.

Image Image

It also needs to be said that the graphics in the game are gorgeous. Gothic horror is once again the predominant theme and the graphics reinforce that idea beautifully. In exploratory segments we're dealing with polygonal characters set against pre-rendered backgrounds and fixed camera angles. If you're thinking that sounds like the trappings of a Survival Horror setting, you're absolutely right. I found both the setting and the visual design here to be reminiscent of Resident Evil, although I'd say that Koudelka is the better looking game in that comparison (my screenshots here don't necessarily do it justice since they were captured on my PSP).

Many gameplay elements reinforce this feeling of Survival Horror as well. Wise management of resources is key to success throughout the entire experience. Ammunition is limited. Weapons frequently break. Health power-ups are relatively infrequent and often require a keen eye to spot on screen. Even the puzzle elements of Koudelka play out very much like a Survival Horror title.

Image Image

Where Koudelka deviates from Survival Horror though is in combat. Outside of scripted boss battles, all other combat occurs by way of random encounter, JRPG style. And here again Koudelka reveals itself to be a little bit different and unique. Rather than standard static turn-based combat, the battles here are executed in tactical fashion. Enemies and characters move around a grid based battle field using melee weapons, firearms, and spells. It's a really nice touch which keeps the battles interesting. Well … mostly interesting at any rate. One of the frequent knocks against this game is that the combat moves too slowly. I didn't necessarily find that to be the case though being as outside of boss battles, most encounters were over in 3-5 rounds. In point of fact I wish Koudelka had featured more elements of tactical combat. Every battleground from the first battle to the last is perfectly flat and unchanging. I'd like to have seen some differences in elevation, or elements of cover tactics, not to mention that characters can's 'cross' the enemy line. What about some flanking maneuvers!? It's not that I found the combat in Koudelka to be bad necessarily, I just wish they had done more with it. All the same though, the level in progression in Koudelka is fairly rapid, so it's not like grinding (and thus frequent combat) was ever a real issue.

Image Image

All told I really enjoyed my time with Koudelka. For all its JRPG elements, its completion time was much more in keeping with Survival Horror. I think my play through clocked in at somewhere around 15 hours, and my play style tends to be markedly unhurried. What you're getting here is a JRPG/Survival Horror hybrid that doesn't indulge in all the bloat found in so many JRPGs from this era (to say nothing of the modern era). Highly recommended for fans of effective storytelling through gothic horror. Also recommended for RPG fans looking to get off a well-trodden path of swords & sorcery, and into something of a distinctly darker timbre.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by Markies Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:46 pm

Markies' Games Beat List Of 2018!
*Denotes Replay For Completion*

1. The Granstream Saga (PS1)
2. Perfect Dark (N64)
*3. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (PS1)*
4. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (XBOX)
5. Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
*6. Pikmin (GCN)*
*7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (N64)*
8. Shining Force II (GEN)
*9. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (PS1)*
*10. Mafia (XBOX)*
11. James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire (GCN)
12. ChuChu Rocket! (SDC)
*13. Super Metroid (SNES)*
14. Final Fantasy II (NES)
15. Devil May Cry (PS2)
16. Mega Man: The Wily Wars (GEN)
17. Secret of Evermore (SNES)
18. Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (PS2)
19. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (GCN)
*20. Paper Mario (N64)*
21. Grandia II (SDC)
22. Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PS2)
23. Bomberman Hero (N64)
24. OutRun (GEN)
25. Dragon Warrior IV (NES)
26. Super Monkey Ball (GCN)
27. Mischief Makers (N64)
28. Dragon Valor (PS1)
*29. Beyond Good & Evil (XBX)*
30. Tokyo Xtreme Racer (SDC)
31. Black (PS2)

*32. Street Fighter II (SNES)*


The historical importance of Street Fighter II cannot be overstated. It revolutionized fighting games and is the staple of the genre to this day. The roster is completely balanced, each play style is representative and the game play is just utterly fantastic. Some of the characters are super cheap and some issues were addressed in rereleases, but for such an important game, Street Fighter II is still a blast and holds up to this day. The creator of the a great legacy.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by Gunstar Green Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:52 pm

Just finished Mega Man 11.

I'm not on the boat of "one of the best Mega Man games ever" that a lot of people online seem to be riding but it's a very solid entry. I think it'd be easier to say what I like and what I don't like since everyone knows what a Mega Man game is.

+Nice cartoony graphics that really works with Mega Man. Some of the levels could probably use a little more detail but they're all pretty aesthetically pleasing except Bounce Man's stage.
+Boss weapons. Some of the best since Mega Man 9. The lightning weapon was the only one I really didn't have a lot of uses for and even that had situational uses. They put a lot of thought into make them useful and fun.
+The Double Gear system. It took some getting used to and some unlearning as someone who grew up with the series but once I got a handle on it this really changed the way to game was played and made difficult sections manageable. Sure you can challenge yourself and never use it but the game seems balanced around giving you a fair challenge with the Double Gear in mind, at least on the normal difficulty setting. The speed gear is definitely the MVP of the game, the power gear seemed useless at first but its importance became apparent when you use it with special weapons since it supercharges those weapons like the buster upgrade in most Mega Man X titles. It can make some of your weapons absurdly powerful!
+The bosses. Though nothing too stand out they're all nice looking and fun to fight. I can't think of any stinkers.

-First and foremost the music. There are some OK tunes and none of them are bad, they're just bland and forgettable. The sound design seems like a missed opportunity as well and could use a few more homages to some of the classic 8-bit sounds. Again none of it is bad, just none of it is great either. It's just always disappointing for a Mega Man game to not be awesome in this department.
-Wily. What a joke. The game is pretty difficult but it ends with a whimper after the first two Wily levels are cleared.
-Controls maybe? At times it feels as solid as ever but other times I swear it felt unresponsive. The knockback is a real killer in this game, especially without the upgrade to mitigate it. I feel like you don't regain control of Mega Man as quickly after getting hit as you do in previous titles but I may be crazy. Sometimes it just feels a little bit wrong, but it's close enough.
-Lack of characters like Protoman and Bass. Maybe they're holding back for DLC or sequels but it's still disappointing after the last two games. Not a major complaint but a complaint regardless.
-Overly long levels with punishing checkpoints and old-school lives system. I get it, it's Mega Man, but this entry is more grievous than most in this regard though I guess it's mitigated by being able to buy lives from the shop. I'd just prefer a more modern way of punishing for deaths instead of just sticking rigidly to tradition for the sake of it.

I don't know where I'd place it alongside the rest of the series yet, we'll see once I blast through it a few more times. If you're a fan of these games though it's of course highly recommended which is a no-brainer and you probably already have it. I definitely feel like this is a solid foundation to continue the series with.
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Re: Games Beaten 2018

by Xeogred Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:07 pm

Nice breakdown Gunstar, I'd agree on most points there. I'd take it over Mega Man 7 and 8 personally (though 8 looks sexier for sure). The music being serviceable is perhaps the biggest disappointment, it's definitely not bad... but this is freaking Mega Man here, should have hired SSH or someone to knock it out of the park. And yeah, the Wily Stages were a little subpar to me, I liked the normal stages more. The lack of Bass and Proto Man is very strange, my theory is hopefully the game sells well, we get a 12 based on these blueprints and they can bring them back. I personally thought the difficulty was perfect and didn't mind the brutal checkpoints (played it on normal so far).

Unfortunately Japanese physical sales aren't looking too hot, but let's hope Mega Man hits the West better and maybe digital is doing good for them... I imagine RE2R will be a mega blockbuster and Capcom is swimming in Monster Hunter gold thesedays, so I hope more Mega Man can happen sooner than later. I'll be keeping tabs on its performance: ... -7-in.html

I'd be cool with an X9 but honestly, I think Capcom should take some chances here and start a new line of the franchise for another fresh start and the "new" factor can maybe reel in both old and new fans. I don't want any half baked ZX Metroidvania elements, but they could probably do something new with ideas based off the X games and now the Gear stuff... how about like "Mega Man Z" or something, I dunno. I just think another reboot and fresh start would be cool right now.
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