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Re: Together Retro February ‘21 - Mickey & Donald in 8- & 16

by prfsnl_gmr Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:16 pm

TheEagleXIII wrote:
Note wrote:It's also a nice touch that Mickey and Donald each have an exclusive level in solo mode, and I believe I read there's another exclusive level in co-op mode.

I wasn't aware of that – that's a neat inclusion to add to the replayability.

I had hoped to play a few more than I did, but I didn't really have the time. Plus the Master System Castle of Illusion just didn't grab me, which didn't help. A few days ago I had a quick few minutes on Maui Mallard to see how Donald's games on Mega Drive evolved, but I couldn't find the time to stick it out. First impression is the animation was superb - literally felt like playing a cartoon. Serious Earthworm Jim vibes with the ray-gun too, even just aiming the thing. There was enough to intrigue me to try it again in the future.

I'm glad I took the plunge and joined in TR for the first time – I really enjoyed this, especially with lockdown here. :D

I’m glad you took the plunge too! We have another great topic for next month, and I hope you’ll join us for that one too.

Thank you to everyone who participated. More participation makes these more fun, and I hope that you enjoyed the games and enjoyed posting about this games too!
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