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Re: Is there a generally agreed upon TV setting?

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:50 am
by RCBH928
isiolia wrote:I tend to play older games and watch old tv shows even on VHS, should I increase the sharpness? I would like to get as close to the "original content" as possible without magic enhancements. Am I getting a blurry image if I set it to 0?

I'd say this is just going to be subjective. Try it and see. It'll probably look better to you at a low/moderate level.

The potential issue with Sharpness tends to be that you end up with a halo effect on edges. Tends to be very noticeable (and a real negative) if you have a lot of text on screen.

Since most TVs do offer multiple picture modes and/or save settings by input, you can always configure them by purpose.[/quote]

I had my sharpness set to 0 but after some time the image felt like its blurry, like if I need an eyesight check, just not sharp. I bumped it up to 10. I am not sure if that "blurry" image is the real 1080P picture, or if my tv is giving it a slight blur at 0.

I wish TVs were like phone screens, its just pre-calibrated. I never heard anyone mess with his contrast/gamma settings on a phone. Its usually just open-and-use, adjust brightness to your liking.

Re: Is there a generally agreed upon TV setting?

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 4:50 pm
by Sarge
I will note that a Sharpness set to 0 is not valid for all sets. Some have varying values. For my TV (a Samsung JU6500), setting to zero is correct in Game Mode (or others), but not in PC mode. Some sets have weird values like 13 or 25, so do some research. There are test patterns to check sharpness, so you can use those and look for ringing/haloing to see if you've got it dialed in correctly.