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Mednafen questions (Saturn emulation)

by PresidentLeever Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:04 am

Edit: I tried Bizhawk instead and it works well! Only minor issue is that the mixing seems different with a bit more bass (it supposedly uses the same core so it should sound the same), not sure which is more accurate though. But the final output is definitely cleaner than when using OBS.

So I switched to Mednafen for Saturn emulation and the sound is actually better than in Yabause from the couple of games I've tried so far. I've been able to record without problems using the OBS recorder, however the process is a bit slow since I have to record an avi, put it in audacity and convert to wav.

1. How can I use commandline options? I want to record audio with it.

From my attempts, it seems I can't use the command prompt command for sound recording while mednafen is running, and if it's not running I have to type in the game path somehow? But I want to record at specific parts of the game, not from boot up.

2. Is there a sound debugger for Saturn? I'd like to check when the SCSP chip is used without having to switch to Yabause and then back.
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Re: Mednafen questions (Saturn emulation)

by Jagosaurus Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:26 am

Just popping in to say I read this awhile back & I'm following this. I don't really have a rig for Saturn emulation right now but am always archiving info... I will emu PD Saga someday!
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