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Somewhat choppy audio in Yabause

by PresidentLeever Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:49 pm

Found a semi-fix by changing the sound core to DirectX. This means slightly worse quality though.

Anyone know how to solve this? It's fine for playing but I'd like to record a few music tracks from obscure games as well, so any little skip becomes an issue.

PC specs:
Windows 10 64-bit
2x 2.7Ghz processor (intel core i5-6400)

I've tried changing the yabause priority to highest but it had no effect. I don't recall having any audio issues using for example PS1 emulators or playing more recent PC games.

As for other emulators:
SSF - Works well, but the audio emulation is noticeably worse with worse sounding overall instruments/mixing and even occasional out of tune instruments/notes. It also doesn't have an audio debugger that lets me see right away when a game uses SCSP music rather than redbook or streaming, which can be a problem for games without a sound test.

Retroarch (uses Yabause core) - I haven't been able to load any game I want to for recording purposes yet, it just crashes.
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