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by fastbilly1 Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:36 am

10/8/2013 – updated thread from dsheinem topic from 2010. The only major change is that the 14 day rule is firm, there are no more exceptions. The reason for this change is that ever since I became a mod in 2008 there have only been two (2) exceptions to the rule that were approved, neither of which sold.

RULES (breaking these will result in warnings/other penalties):

1. Only members who have been registered for more than 14 days can post in B/S/T. This is designed to protect both new and established members. If you do not fit this basic criteria, your post will be deleted.

2. Create ONE primary thread and update it regularly. You can change the thread title to reflect changes to content. Occasional one-off threads for a particular item are fine, but these should be kept to a bare minimum.

3. Bump threads no more than one time a day, regardless of any changes in content. It's fine to reply to general questions/comments in your own thread, but there's no need to keep bumping others down.

4. All transaction-related communication between buyer and seller or traders should take place via PM.

5. Do not create a thread whose sole purpose is to advertise an eBay link unless you will be offering some kind of discount to forum members.

6. Do not post the following in someone else's thread:
A) your own items for sale
B) your negative opinion of the seller, their products, or their prices
C) tangential discussion
D) links to A, B, or C

GUIDELINES (good etiquette and general suggestions - no penalty for violation)

1. Leave feedback in this thread after transactions are done: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=10752. Use a +1 for a positive transaction (regardless of the number of items involved) and a -1 for a negative transaction. Use this thread as a guide for deciding who you feel safe doing business with.

2. Stating these things up front will generally increase the likelihood of a sale and general buyer/seller/trader satisfaction: prices, pictures, description, condition, shipping location and charges, tracking services offered, and accepted payment methods.

3. Stay in frequent communication with one another. While replies within a day or two are standard, sometimes you may have to wait a week or more to hear back from a member. If you are concerned about an item or payment that has not arrived, you should probably give the person two-three weeks after shipping date (or communication stoppage) before filing any kind of claim.

4. When in doubt about whether something is acceptable, whether you have been ripped off, whether you are in violation of a rule, or any other matter related to the B/S/T forum, you should contact a moderator or admin for help.

5. It's not a bad idea to read this extremely informative post on trading online: ... ding_guide


It should be noted that anybody buying, selling, or trading, is doing so at their own risk. As administrators and moderators do not have access to financial information and do not have the power to force people to send items or money, we can not help you. That is what things like Paypal disputes are for.

READ MORE GUIDELINES HERE: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=28133

Individuals found in violation of these rules may find themselves subject to warnings, a revocation of the right to post in the B/S/T forum, or even potential banning. Mods reserve the right to remove any auction deemed to be in violation of the B/S/T rules or the general forum rules (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=19455).
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