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Dreamcast DUX Limited Edition + DUX 1.5 for sale

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:20 am
by elmagicochrisg
For sale:

Dreamcast DUX Limited Edition (new and sealed) + DUX 1.5 (loose)

€75 (worldwide shipping included)

Since not too many people seem to know the difference between the regular and limited edition:

- They only made 500 copies of the limited edition. Regular edition was 20 euro in pre-order (before shipping), Limited edition 40 euro. The Limited edition actually sold out before the game was finished...

- Regular edition came in a white single disc DVD box. Limited edition came in a black double disc DVD box to fit in with the other Jap DC shooters...

- They both have the same front cover, but the LE's side has the typical orange + white spine and DUX written in Katakana, again to fit in with those other Jap DC shooters. The regular version had an all white spine with Roman characters...


- There's also the production number on the back (between 1 and 500) to show it's the limited edition...

- And last but not least, the LE also has the OST included as a bonus disc...


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Re: Dreamcast DUX Limited Edition for sale

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:04 am
by elmagicochrisg
Price is now €75 and includes a copy of DUX 1.5 in paper CD sleeve.

DUX 1.5 new features are...

- Re-balanced Gameplay

- New Soundtrack by Andre Neumann and Marco Groß

- Instant Respawn

- Custom Controls