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Street Fighter Zero 3 & the 4MB Ram Cartridge

by Nos9 Fri Aug 25, 2006 2:41 pm

Hi guys,

I need some help with Street Fighter Zero 3 & the 4MB Ram Cartridge.

I download the game from coolroms, and then burned it to a cd. The region code was already E for Europe, which is the same as my console. The disk seemed to write successfully, but every time i try to load it i get some japanese text, with 4MB within it.

I bought my 4MB Ram Cartridge off ebay, and im not sure if its working.

Could someone give me a talk though, regarding what i should expect when loading Street Fighter Zero 3, as ive tryed changing the region of the game back to J, and i still get the same message. I wounder if the 4MB Ram is not working correctly, or is not compatible with my Pal version 2 console.

Any help would be highly welcomed, thanks.
Regards, Nos9.


It seems my cartridge or cartridge slot is dirty, though i had already tryed what i had just tryed, it has just this moment decided to work for me, so forget my last.

Admin you can close this topid, or delete it if you feel there is no need for it.

Thanks, Nos9.
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