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Re: Loud Wii drive - Any one else? * SOLVED *

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:43 pm
by Ziggy587
What's funny is that this all reminded me of DIOS MIOS, and that thread was just bumped today.

I actually have a spare 160GB drive that I would use, but the damn thing has problems. The drive actually functions fine, but it's kinda wacky. It has firmware for a DVR, or something like that. It was surplus of some kind, brand new. I bought it off eBay years ago. The seller never stated this though. It has to be formatted in a weird way. There's some sort of trick, but I don't remember exactly what it was. Something about needing to position it as a slave with a CD drive (it's a PATA drive) and using a Windows disk to format it. Once it's formatted properly, it functions just fine. I've used it before. But for whatever reason, I ended up with it unformatted (all partitions erased) and Windows doesn't recognize it. I need to do the trick to get it formatted, but I'd have to figure it out first with trial and error. I haven't felt like doing that.

One day. I'll either get around to figuring the damn thing out, or I'll just buy a new HDD.

Re: Loud Wii drive - Any one else? * SOLVED *

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:01 pm
by Ziggy587
So I just realized, there's one thing I forgot to mention about the fix. Both this time, and two years ago.

So I bent that metal triangle tab in a way that got the noise to stop. But that's not the whole story. See mmmonkey's pic again...


Ignore the blue circle. The red circles are the screws that mount the drive to the rest of the console. I've read a lot of people suggest loosening these screws. I don't recommend doing that. It didn't even work in my case. Those screws mount the drive, and have some sort of rubber shock. It is my opinion that they should always be torqued down snug.

The 5 silver screws that hold the top of the drive on are a different story. If you look at mmmonkey's pic, every screw except the one in the upper left corner I have nice and tight (not overtightened though). The screw in the upper left corner though, I don't have tight at all. If I tighten that screw down all the way, the entire drive case flexes and the noise comes back. That one screw, I have screwed down just enough so there's no gap between the screw head and the drive case, but it's not tight at all.

This is just one thing I forgot to mention both times, so I figured I'd mention it now as it might help some one. I referred to it on my post on page 5 (from 2 years ago) but never got back to the thought. It's the 6th paragraph of that post.

"The first thing I did was loosen a screw. If you look at mmmonkey's pic, I loosened the screw in the top-left. Not the top-left red circle, the screw above that one. I loosened it a little and my noise dropped 50%. I was amazed. But the problem wasn't fixed, I wanted it dead silent."

After removing the top of the drive and bending the metal tab, I got it dead silent. What I forgot to mention is, I would keep a disc spinning in the drive as I put all the screws back. When I was doing this, tightening that screw in the upper left corner made the noise come back to some extent. Every other screw is tightened up properly.

Damn, this info is spread over 8 pages. I really should compile it into a guide.