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by extrarice Fri Apr 13, 2007 3:36 pm

Be careful de-soldering that battery. If it gets to hot it can leak or explode. I've always heard (on places like Digitpress) that the better idea is to take the clips off entirely (with battery) and replace them with the kind of clips that will let you remove the battery without hassle later on (like a motherboard battery clip or somesuch). Mind you I haven't done this myself - I've been lucky that so far my carts are still holding their charge.
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by grittykitty Sat Apr 14, 2007 11:46 pm

it may just be easier finding a cart with a working battery...

here's what i did: rather than risk blowing up the battery, i avoided using heat. well, i actually tried to desolder the contacts where the clips are, but this didn't provide immediate gratification so i decided it was not the way to go. i then used an exacto-knife to pry the soldered clips from the battery, which took a while but was ultimately successful. i applied small amounts of electrical tape to hold the battery to the clips. i used my fingers (for lack of proper screwdriver) to get the screws in and placed a thick rubberband tightly around the cart. i saved my game, reset and the save was there. good. i shut off the hardware and checked, still there. great! now the final test: shake the cart to make sure the battery is secure. bad idea, the battery didn't like this idea. after some trouble i got the cart open again and tightened the clips to the battery and used new pieces of tape (in more copious amounts). same thing, everything worked fine til i pull the cart out to see if i could get away with gently setting it down - no go, battery didn't do it's job. sunnuvabeech. rinse and repeat, i decided to leave the cart in but this time the save didn't make it past the hard reset. so after maybe an hour or more of wasting time... well, i just wasted time frankly. i might try again tomorrow if i'm up for it, but i think i'm sticking with my statement at the top

update: after an hour or so i tried again, using less tape than previous and attempting to flatten the clips (they're small!) using an adjustable wrench. this proved successful for now, as i've powered off a few times and the saves kept. i've played about 1/5 of the way through (from what walkthroughs tell me) and i won't be taking the cart out until i'm done with the game, just to be sure. if i have problems in the future, i'm considering putting tiny drops of solder on the clips and slapping the battery onto them while the solder is still melty. i would hope such small amounts of solder wouldn't cause any sort of hazard or possibility of exploding the battery. i mean, the factory that manufactured the game did that, am i right?
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