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Retro Gamer HD Home Theater Mod

by hth4 Sat Oct 21, 2006 3:53 am

I have questions I currently own a NES FAMICOM SNES SFAMICOM N64 GC PS1 PS2 and Playdia Atari 5200 and Genisis which i am patching in to one TV

My real question is what is the limit i can hit in moding each of these machines in terms of rf, composite, svideo and component

right now i have the systems set up with the fallowing

RF: Atari 5200
Composite: NES, FAMICOM(twin famicom sharp an-500b), PLAYDIA, Genisis
Component: PS1 & 2 Game Cube

Can I modify any of these to a better signal and if so can you point me in the right direction.

My main conserns are the composite systems as i have seen alot of great documentation on atari systems.
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by racketboy Sat Oct 21, 2006 9:06 am

You can check out this thread to get you started:
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