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retroarch wii cores - how to load non-stock cores??

by grittykitty Tue Oct 05, 2021 7:31 pm

i want to play elevator action returns on my wii through retroarch!

i downloaded the taito F3 core from here, but once i select a game in retroarch it asks which core to load but won't show the installed taito F3 core in the list. i've tried other cores with various versions of the rom but have had no luck (i've managed to load plenty of other games fine)

anyone know how to get this work? really would love to play this game on my wii
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forever 16-bit
Posts: 952
Joined: Sat Dec 03, 2005 1:49 am
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Re: retroarch wii cores - how to load non-stock cores??

by grittykitty Fri Oct 29, 2021 7:05 pm

i suspect it's not possible to get elevator action returns running on the wii :(
but i thought i'd share the info i found on getting retroarch running as many arcade/neo geo games as possible, in case this helps anyone else...

after many rounds of changing retroarch versions and cores trying to get the largest amount of games to properly load, i found this guide to be the most helpful: ... al.590900/

for my specific issue with loading cores AND getting to play games quicker/easier, i found this helpful:
- if using the guide above, for step 4 be sure to mark options 10, 11, 12 as ON (show history, show import content, show playlists)
- after setup is complete, go to PLAYLISTS from the main menu
- choose IMPORT CONTENT, then select MANUAL SCAN. choose CONTENT DIRECTORY to select a folder where your specific roms are, for example CPS-2
- you can change the name of your new playlist by choosing SYSTEM NAME (default name is set to the folder's name)
- go to DEFAULT CORE and select which core to automatically load for the playlist
- go to START SCAN at the bottom of the list. the selected folder will now have all the games put into a playlist
- now you can select a game from your playlist. once a game is selected from the playlist, you can choose to RUN (using pre-selected core) or you can SET CORE ASSOCIATION if you need to change a single game's setting in a playlist (for example you have one CPS-1 rom in a folder of CPS-2 roms)
- if a game runs to your satisfaction, choose to add it to your favorites list for easier access - you won't have to SELECT CORE manually :)
- you can also load from your history playlist as well if you forgot which core worked with a specific game

** remember to choose CLOSE CONTENT when done with a game. after closing content for a neo geo game, you'll probably return to an empty quick menu. try loading a different core if you want your menu options to return. you can also just go to LOAD CONTACT and access your favorites or your start directory and manually load roms/cores from there. after loading several games, you might have trouble loading another one that normally works. if this happens, quit retroarch and try loading the game again

if you want to play large neo geo games, refer to the guide above or try this one if the other is too confusing: ... n-the-wii/

if you have the cores recommended by the users in these threads you'll be able to load most clean roms via retroarch on your wii ( is a great place to find romsets - try finalBurnAlphaMerged029743ArcadeRomsOnly for most 90s games) the included updated cores with the official retroarch download may be optimized for newer systems, leaving wii users shortchanged - be sure to download and install the recommended cores from the forum threads!

hope some folks find this helpful :)
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