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Gunstar Green
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Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS (2020) - What are you doing?

by Gunstar Green Fri Dec 25, 2020 8:59 pm

Stayed at home and made some Abuelita hot cocoa, watched Scrooged and played a bunch of Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black.
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Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS (2020) - What are you doing?

by Markies Sat Dec 26, 2020 2:53 am

I worked Christmas Eve.
I then saw my Brother and his family for a bit with my parents.

We then did my sister and her family with the parents.
I then saw my friend tonight.

For stuff, I got a Retro Raspberry Pi that is in the shape of a Super Famicom.
It has all these games from so many systems. I tested it out and it works great.
I am looking forward to testing out some new games with it.
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Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS (2020) - What are you doing?

by Anapan Mon Dec 28, 2020 5:42 am

Keeping social gatherings small, we did the Christmas presents for kids thing with my bro's family on Christmas eve morning, then the other half with turkey and all on Christmas with some of the extended family.
All went well. My plex server was streaming all the classic christmas animated specials in the background.
I received a Pixoo-Max - I may have strongly hinted that I wanted one when asked. It's very cool.

I ordered two wifi-video capable drones online in case one didn't arrive in time for my nephew to receive it. I got to keep one since they both arrived.
A good time and some great food was enjoyed by all.
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Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS (2020) - What did you do/get?

by Ziggy587 Mon Dec 28, 2020 11:56 am

Anyone feel like they have Christmas withdrawal after it's over? Everyone is different with how many days it takes to make or break a habit, but I find that I'm at the lower end of the spectrum. I spend the entire month decorating, buying gifts, planning dinners, listening to Christmas music... I can't just shut it off on the 26th!

It irks me when I see Christmas trees on the curb on the 26th. What, you just couldn't wait to get it over with? It really sends a message that you only got it because you had to and not because you wanted to. Personally, I love getting a live tree each year. With the money, time and effort you put into getting one and decorating it, I like to leave mine up until at least New Years Day. Especially these days with what they cost! For a few years now, I actually take it a step further. Once it's done serving it's purpose in the house and it's time to take it down, I don't throw it away. That just seems so wasteful. Instead, I leave it in the stand and put it out in the backyard. Then I get to enjoy it all winter long. Surprisingly, it stays green all winter. And it looks fantastic when it snows. Then in the spring, once the weather is warm enough, I finally cut it up. I cut all the branches off and put them in a pile, then a cut the trunk into pieces. It's awesome to burn in the outdoor fireplace. Although, be careful if you do this because those needles go up like they were soaked in gasoline. But it smells fantastic, like a Christmas tree.

Santa didn't bring me any video games, but someone got me a GameStop gift card. I've already converted it into a game. I got Tony Hawk 1 & 2 for the PS4.

Christmas Eve went well. We had calamari salad, stuffed calamari, fried jumbo shrimp, fried flounder filet, and baked Salmon. Not exactly The Feast of Seven Fishes, but in that vein of the tradition. I had my parents (begrudgingly) watch the first Christmas specials of The Simpsons and Family Guy. They enjoyed The Simpsons episode, but my dad says Family Guy is too vulgar (even though he laughed out loud a few times). After that we watched Christmas with the Kranks. Not a very popular Christmas movie, and it has some unfunny jokes, but I like it anyway. Dan Akroyd is just hilarious in it.

Christmas Day we had a proper Italian-American dinner (too much food). First course was a green salad, stuffed mushrooms and artichoke pie. Second course was lasagna and garlic bread. Third course was a spiral ham, mashed potatoes and green beans. And desert was cookies (including some that were freshly baked), cheesecake, pudding pie, and zeppoles that I fried that morning. This might seem ridiculous to some people, but the secret is portion size. Although, my dad will never learn and served way too much lasagna to everyone.

My Sale Thread - PRICES REDUCED! I am selling around three quarters of my video game collection as well as some other odds and ends!

I want to buy Universal Game Cases, if you have any spares please PM me! I'm looking to only deal with members that have good BST feedback on this forum.
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