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Re: Hip Hop/Rap Fanatics Unite!

by NotLuke Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:20 pm

Nemoide wrote:I don't know if there are any other Dr. Octagon fans but I recently listened to the new album, Moosebumps, and it's pretty great. Kool Keith can be hit or miss but this one's a hit, solid stuff that feels like a continuation of Dr. Octagonecologyst. The fact that Dan the Automator and DJ Qbert are back really brings it up to the next level.
I'll admit that I have a soft spot for The Return of Dr. Octagon, even if Keith has disowned it, but Moosebumps lives up to the hype as "the *true* second Dr. Octagon album."

Just saw this and came here to post it.
Kool Keith isn't for everyone. Definitely is for me. Guessing he may be a big influence for Tyler the Creator and more cerebral rappers. Yes, I think Dr. Octagon, who is known for Earf Peepole, is cerebral. A kind of non-conventional cerebral.
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