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Re: The Official Nathan Barnatt Rise to Fame/Appreciation Th

by Mozgus Tue Dec 29, 2020 5:46 am

NathanBarnatt wrote:First of all this topic is crazy! I can't believe this is a real topic. I'm flattered and you guys are crazy.

Second, I think the "news" thats being talked about is that I got a little spot on Community. It's nothing big really. Just a couple of lines similar to that spot I had on Happy Endings recently. I'll be playing a "gay basketball player". So its cool but nothing huge. I guess I could take this time to catch those up to speed who dont know about the Comedy Central Keith project. First, someone in this thread mentioned that it aired late at night. That was another show that I was cast on. It wasn't my show. It was called this show will get you high and I just acted in it. My show never became a show. My brother and friend and I were paid to write a Keith script and it never went to pilot cause the head of CC said "he couldn't wrap his head around the video game world". Oh well. But since then we've had a meeting with Adult Swim for a new Keith show and it went really well. We're actually going back in today. It seems promising and they really like Keith over there so we'll see. But you never know what will happen.

Regardless of all that junk I am seriously blown away that this is even a topic here. I love RB and appreciate every view on my dumb videos. Thanks so much for watching over all the years and thanks for not banning me for spam.

And YES I really play video games. I have a full arcade of 13 cabinets and a solar powered battery pack for my gameboy!

And you...
Redifer wrote:I like the older Talking Classics stuff. The Sega CD episode is one of my absolute favs on the internet. However I don't really find much humor in the "ASSASSINS CREED" diving and the falling down in front of unsuspecting people kind of gets old, but that's just me. I'm not really into slapstick, at least when it is done ad nauseam. Still, I wish the guy success and if he makes it bug, then that is awesome!

should watch the new episodes on GameTrailers. I still do the SegaCD style original documentary episodes.

Just necro-ing this post because Nathan is still a god damned rockstar, and Racketboy forums were blessed to have him.

racketboy wrote:
Jagosaurus wrote:I still listen to the Neo Geo Song when I need a laugh. Man, in the video when he drops from the sky on the beach :P. Gets me every time. You have to appreciate the "The guys over on Racketboy are going to love this."

Never forget.

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Re: The Official Nathan Barnatt Rise to Fame/Appreciation Th

by Blu Wed Dec 30, 2020 8:38 am

Haha, it makes me wonder what he's up to nowadays. I know he's making films and such. Saw him on a livestream a few months ago where he was driving somewhere in the deserts of California.

We've also been watching Community since it was brought onto Netflix. I know this thread mentioned he was in an episode, but I had totally forgotten it. There's an episode where he's in a promotional video for Greendale Community College. I remember thinking, I'm not surprised that I'm seeing Nathan Barnatt in this amazing show.
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Re: The Official Nathan Barnatt Rise to Fame/Appreciation Th

by fastbilly1 Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:04 am

Nathans NeoGeo song came up in a work meeting earlier today. I came here to bump the topic and see Mozgus beat me to it.
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Re: The Official Nathan Barnatt Rise to Fame/Appreciation Th

by racketboy Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:39 pm

dlmvii wrote:Mild bump, but I was pretty giddy with a blast from the past when I saw Nathan in a recent episode of Always Sunny. For nostalgia purposes, I then watched his Kimberly Cole music video audition, which is also fantastic Miss you Nathan!

Thanks for the reminder to re-watch ;)
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