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Saturn Accessories

by jemsic Sun Feb 05, 2006 1:53 am

I'm really loving my sega saturn, and I want to buy some of the better accessories for it. I've already bought the twin sticks. Can anyone tell me how good the quality is of the stunner gun and virtua stick (hss-0104)? And also, what other accessories are good?
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by racketboy Sun Feb 05, 2006 10:58 am

The Virtua Stick is pretty decent. It was my first arcade stick and I enjoyed it.
Of course, the Dreamcast's "official" Agetec stick blows it away in all respects, but it's good if you're not too picky.

If you're talking about the offical Stunner gun that came with Virtua Cop -- its pretty good.
I had some other 3rd party ones that worked ok, but the cables started breaking off of the gun.

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Asciiware stick

by Mega-Dan Sun Feb 05, 2006 7:36 pm

I have the asciiiware sega saturn arcade controller, it is nice and I got it for 10 dollars. It has micro swtiches and a solid steel construction, but it has to large a dead zone which is pretty lame. I usually just use the pad because the dead zone on the controller means the split second it takes to go from right to left or up to down that is not satisfactory.
I should just open it up and see if I can adjust it by putting some rubber cement in to get rid of the deadzone, its actually very high quality and of solid build, especially for $10. I can even use it on my dreamcase with a adapter, which also lets me use playstation controllers, I was never a big fan of the dreamcast controller, it makes my hands hurt and makes me worry about carpal tunnel, which shows you how much I have played dreamcast! That Asciware was much better than either the standard playstation controller and especially better than the dreamcast controller for marvel vs capcom 2, which is a amazingly awesome game. I still think it lags behind the saturn pad though or the street fighter ps2 or xbox pad due to the dead zone which I will try to fix, but you should have to "fix" a controller.
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