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Re: Analogue has announced the Mega SG

by racketboy Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:30 am

samsonlonghair wrote:
racketboy wrote:Big picture I would like to think these projects are mostly (but not exclusively) for people that aren’t already deep into the console and eventually be a more accessible solution to aging/dying hardware in the decades to come.

So here’s the thing though:
Genesis hardware isn’t dying; in fact, it’s incredibly robust. I’ve collected Sega Genesis hardware for years now. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed that a Sega Genesis console holds up really well over time.

You know it doesn’t hold up as well?
SegaCD! These things break left and right! Nearly every SegaCD I’ve ever found in the wild was broken. We need a SegaCD optical drive emulator way more than we need another Genesis clone. It’s a shame we don’t see more SegaCD love. We get an expansion slot on the bottom of the Mega Sg, but we are expected to bring our own SegaCD!? :? If a nerd like me who has collected Sega hardware for years can hardly find a working SegaCD, how the hell is anyone else going to find one?

You know what else doesn’t hold up as well? Sega game gear! I think Sega chose to build the game gear capacitor factory on top of an Indian burial ground and staff the facility with red-shirted ensigns. I’ll give kevtris credit for his game gear adapter. That’s the feature that I’m really impressed with.

In fact, if you just skipped past the Genesis part, and you called this a consolized game gear fpga clone, then you’ve sold me.

Yeah, I agree there. Other than my one with the controller ports going out, the Genny has been rock solid. Other than no 32X support, my biggest disappointment was no new Sega CD option. It seems like they need to team up with Polymega :)

I was happy to buy their Nintendo boxes because all of mine were going bad and I was tired of messing with them and the extra video and ROM capabilities made it an easy purchase. While I will probably end up buying one of these someday -- especially if they increase support, it's not a no-brainer for me this time. If they had a Sega CD solution, that literally adds a lot of value as a Sega CD in good condition is getting pricey. Same goes for 32X to a lesser degree.
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