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Trying to get DECENT acessories for a Model 1 Sega Genesis

by Caz Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:39 pm

I recently managed to find a Sega Genesis Model 1 for fairly cheap at a flea market... but it was the system alone, no cables or anything.... and later in the market I found another booth that had a very very VERY cheap controller/ac adapter/AV cables to go with it.

Thing is.... they're garbage.

There was a constant buzzing/humming sound. At first I thought something was wrong with the Genesis, until I looked it up and saw that this was a common issue with poor quality AC adapters.... especially since this one was a 2-in-1 designed to work with both a Model 1 and 2.

The controller is utter garbage too, the buttons feel horrible and the D-pad is constantly mis-reading my inputs, making me go right instead of up or down.

The AV Cables.... I have no idea. They work, but I have no idea if the image quality is poor or not since it's not going to look good on a modern HD LCD set anyway.

So I figured, **** that, I'm going to try if I can to get as many official accessories, or at least ones that are as close if not better in quality, as I can.

After quite a bit of Googling, I found the model numbers for what I was looking for:

(I live in the US, and again, it's a Model 1 Genesis)

AC Adapter(s):
MK-1602-3 (US Variant)

MK-1650 (3 button)
MK-1653 (6 button)

AV Cables:
MK-1601 (called the "Video Monitor Cable" officially)

So far, the easiest ones to find seem to be official controllers, especially the 3 button version (though I would prefer to get a 6 button instead), and the AV cables are the hardest..... namely with all the clones all over the place that claim they are official or a "replacement" for the official product... many of which are actually mis-wired in some cases (the Model 2 version cables for example have one stereo channel connected to mono, and the other channel connected to the wrong speaker.... sadly, these seem to be the most popular ones).

AC Adapters...... are hit and miss, I can see a lot of official used ones, but they are fairly pricey..... and then there are ones like THIS that sound too good to be true, as if they are attempting to sell counterfeit goods as new (though why counterfeit a 30 year old AC adapter I have no idea...): ... 32lYn1%7Ez

So I want to ask.... which ones would you recommend? Are there any 3rd party ones that are as good or better than what SEGA officially made? Especially in terms of the AC Adapter and AV Cables? I can definitely see others having made better AV cables, so that one is the least of my worries (Especially since I plan to eventually get those HD cables someday). And as for the AC adapter, there are tons of 3rds party ones out there... and I have no idea which ones will go well or better.... and which ones just like the one I have now will just be garbage that produce bad sound.
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Re: Trying to get DECENT acessories for a Model 1 Sega Genes

by theclaw Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:08 am

You have a couple choices. MegaFire is a 3 button turbo pad. There's two different types of 6 button turbo pad (normal or 3 button shape). And the 6 button pad was also available in a smaller Japanese size.

Official Model 2 AV cables are easier to find than Model 1. But Model 1 only has mono sound at the rear output. Either way keep your expectations low. Genesis is known for inherent lackluster composite video output, made worse by certain revisions like sound.

Those other video lines Sega provided, if you're wondering why the AV socket has extra pins, are that old type of RGB difficult to use in the US. Capable of much clearer and more consistent quality for users determined to figure it out though.
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Re: Trying to get DECENT acessories for a Model 1 Sega Genes

by Ziggy587 Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:11 pm

AV quality is a can of worms, be warned that it's a total rabbit hole.

Composite from the Genesis is shit no matter what, so I wouldn't worry about the quality of the cables you currently have. If you wanna step it up...

Certain model 1 and model 2 Genesis have absolute terrible audio quality, and the quality of the cables will make no difference.

As for the power adapter, if you don't wanna roll the dice then official first party is the way to go. If you're looking to save some money but want quality, don't limit yourself by only searching for a power adapter specifically for the model 1 Genesis. It uses an extremely common barrel size plug that most 9v adapters will have. All you really need to do is find any plug with the correct specs, preferably a trusted name brand. Personally, I use a Casio power adapter with my model 1 Genesis.

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