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Why Aren’t Games Republished More Often?

I actually have some time to do some relatively deep thinking tonight, so I pose this question: why don’t game publishers release their greatest accomplishments from the past to newer consoles on a more frequent basis? Would gamers not buy older games for modern consoles? Many gamers complain about this fact, but Nintendo has produced […]

Franchise Transition From 2D to 3D

The other day I posted the following questions at “Just recently I have been playing Metroid Prime for the first time. Yeah I know — I’m slow. But I was actually quite surprised on how true to the 2D originals the new 3D versions actually are. Now, I’m far from a Metroid expert, so […]

Putting Atari Game ROMs on Flash Card for Console Play

Thanks to Gizmodo for the heads-up on this one. Actually, I’ll just copy and paste what they shared 🙂 They won’t mind… So everybody knows about flash memory cartridges for game consoles at this point. While they can certainly be used for good ol’ piracy, lots of mobile gamers use them with their Game Boys […]

Reponse to “2D Fighters Going Downhill”

There are multiple pages of discussion sparked by my blog entry, 2D Fighters Are Going Downhill over at SegaXtreme. The discussion skews off to a couple of side discussions such as retrogaming as a whole, the possible death of 2D gaming, and the future of consoles. It’s definately a good read for any retrogaming fan.

Game Room Ideas

Below is a collection of older posts that can be consulted when trying to build your perfect retro-gaming room. They range from products that look very interesting to art and music ideas. Send me your ideas and such and I’ll be happy to feature them! I hope to categorize them a bit more as the […]

2D Fighters Going Downhill

The recent reviews of both Capcom Fighing Evolution (formally Capcom Fighting Jam) and Guilty Gear Isuka have been a tad on the downside. SNK has also been going downhill. It’s been depending on re-releases of its older titles while SvC Chaos has had a lukeware reation. Evolution’s main concern is that is cobbled together poorly […]

Please Don’t Abandon the GBA!

At times I’ve really enjoyed my Gameboy Advance. The greatest thing about the platform is all the great titles that were put out using 2D gameplay. And just because the game is in 2D doesn’t mean the graphics have to look like crap. The Advance Wars, Sonic Advance, and Metroid series have definately provided us […]

Wireless NES and SNES Controllers

I’m not sure why I never saw these earlier, but I just found this in the new issue of WIRED: “Can you get any more classic than Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers? Not much. Well, for all you grumpy old-timers still living in a dream world of 8-bit gaming, here’s a perfect gift: a sturdy, 2.4Ghz […]

Nintendo Censorship

I stumbled across a very interesting page concerning Nintendo of America and it’s past epsiodes of censorship. The author at writes: “Nintendo of America’s policy of strict video game “censorship” has become one of the company’s most infamous tactics. While often overlooked back in the day, the rise of ROMS, especially Japanese ROMs, have […]

The History of Mario Sprites

As well as being Nintendo’s mascot Mario is one of the most recognized characters in video game history, appearing in hundreds of games, many of them bestsellers. Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong, and appeared alongside his brother Luigi for the first time in Mario Bros. As of September 2005, over 184 million games featuring […]

Back from Ivan

Got my power back after a long depressing time. Actually I’ve had power for a couple days, but have been trying to get my life back together. No major damages at my apartment though…

Hurricane Ivan

Well I might not be able to post much in the next few days. In a number of hours I will be right in the middle of Hurricane Ivan. So I probably won’t have power and such. Just keep me in your prayers as my wife and I try to take shelter in our apartment […]

First Sega Visions PDF Released

As mentioned a couple months ago, I’ve been in the middle of scanning some of my old gaming magazines. Well, there is now officially a new Magazine Section over at SegaXtreme. You can look at my first release there (Summer 1991 Sega Visions) and keep checking back for new releases.

Easy Saturn Mod Chip Installation

My fellow SegaXtremers probably know this thread well, but for any others of you that happen to stumble across my site, might not have seen this. If you are looking for an easy way to install a modchip in you Sega Saturn, look now further. My buddy, Mal, discovers a different way to accomplish this […]

Super Mario Reloaded

This has been out for a while, but I wanted to post it anyway. Paul ter Voorde put together a great Flash movie that puts Mario in a parody of The Matrix Reloaded. It’s pretty well-done and it worth the download. Here are some other links if you would like more Flash movies: Other Mario […]

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